The Aluminum dummy unit for the Google Pixel 6a has been leaked.

long it might take for Google’s highly anticipated Pixel 6a to arrive, we know a surprising amount about it. Its primary camera sensor on the Pixel 6 is massive. A fresh leak from today reveals an aluminium dummy unit for the future phone, which confirms the familiar appearance.

Pixel 6a

These photos were uploaded by @ xleaks7 (David Kowalski) on Fathom Wristbands, a website that sells men’s bracelets. The fake unit validates elements we previously knew about prior leaks, while also adding a few small but fresh facts, such as the precise placement of the Kowalski sensor. fingerprints on the screen.

We know a surprising amount of Google’s highly anticipated Pixel 6a given how long it could take before it lands. The Pixel 6’s huge main camera sensor. Today’s new leak shows an aluminium dummy unit for the upcoming phone, further corroborating the familiar design. The images are from @ xleaks7 (David Kowalski), posted somewhat unusually via Fathom Bracelets, a seller of men’s bracelets. 

Pixel 6a

It’s a pretty weird place, but the Kowalski leaks have already surfaced and the dummy unit confirms details we already know from previous leaks, adding a few minor but new details, such as the precise location of the Kowalski sensor. fingerprint on the screen. While we all wait for more to come, you can check out more details about the next phone that have already been leaked, such as the 6.2 “FHD screen and sharper camera specs, or just imagine what those curves and lines would equate to aluminium in your on-trend hand.

Pixel 6a

As you’ve seen, the Pixel 6a will have the same horizontal rear camera module as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. A dual-lens camera and a flashlight will be included in the module. These base of the phone is quite typical, with speaker grills on both sides and a USB Type-C connector.

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