Samsung Message Guard Guards Against Emerging and Unseen Threats


Did you aware that receiving an image alone might potentially allow hackers access? Although everyone is aware that they should avoid clicking on strange links or attachments, this no longer ensures security since fraudsters are continually developing new attack strategies.

The most recent type of cyberattack is called a zero-click exploit, and it can happen whenever an image is received. Malicious programming could be concealed in a single image. These malicious images can come through email, text messages, websites, or social media accounts.

Although there hasn’t been any indication of such attacks on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Electronics is always looking forward to foreseeing new risks and providing preventative security measures, including Samsung Message Guard.

For new threats, new security

Imagine that an image is delivered to your phone. Before remaining motionless in your pocket, it gently vibrates. Or perhaps it is on your nightstand and briefly illuminates while you sleep. Even though you haven’t touched your phone, it’s possible that someone has already read your messages, looked through your gallery, and copied your bank information.


The next concern in a time of rising cybercrime that targets user data is zero-click vulnerabilities. Every third consumer in the globe has had a data breach where their personal information was stolen. With rates more than tripling between 2013 and 2021, data breaches are becoming more frequent.

Threats change, but Samsung’s mobile security does too. Users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones are already shielded from attacks employing video and audio formats thanks to the robust Samsung Knox platform. Samsung Message Guard goes one step further in terms of security by forewarning and shielding your device from invisible dangers disguising themselves as image attachments.

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The security program is currently compatible with Google Messages and Samsung Messages. A software update will be released later to enable Samsung Message Guard to secure you across third-party messaging apps, keeping with Samsung’s commitment to open collaboration.

A Safe Setting

A sophisticated “sandbox,” or a type of virtual quarantine, is Samsung Message Guard. When an image file is received, it is segregated from the rest of the device and detained. As a result, dangerous software is unable to access your phone’s files or communicate with its operating system. To make sure it cannot infect the rest of your device, Samsung Message Guard examines the file bit by bit and analyzes it in a controlled environment.


Simply put, any possible threat hiding in image files is automatically neutralized by Samsung Message Guard before it has an opportunity to cause you any harm. Moreover, it does not need to be activated by the user and operates quietly and largely unnoticeably in the background. As a result, where you once could put yourself in danger without doing anything, you are now shielded from zero-click exploits without having to do anything.

The most recent innovative security solution from Samsung is Message Guard. In addition, thanks to the renowned Samsung Knox, Samsung Galaxy devices already offer the best security and privacy safeguards in the business in other contexts. This offers real-time threat detection and end-to-end security across all hardware and software layers.


A solution for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is Samsung Message Guard. Later this year, it will progressively be made available on other Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

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