AirPods Pro and a dual USB-C port compact power adapter have design patents

AirPods Pro and a dual USB-C port compact power adapter have design patents

New design patents have been approved by Apple. Two of them cover the Hong Kong-issued Apple 35W Dual USB-C ports compact power adapter. The International Intellectual Property Office in the Dutch city of The Hague issued a design patent for the AirPods Pro.

Design patents are only permitted to make design patent figures available to the public, as opposed to “patent applications” that give the public an abstract, summary, and details of an invention. The design’s other details are not disclosed.

35W-Dual-USB-C-Port-Small-Power-Adapter-01 35W-Dual-USB-C-Port-Small-Power-Adapter

Compact Power Adapter with 35W Dual USB-C Ports

One of the two issued patent forms for Apple’s adapter from the Hong Kong Patent Office is shown below. Two sets of patent photos are provided below. M001, a design patent, covers the adapter with the prongs extended. The prongs are seen to be closed in M001.


Apple received two design patents for its 35W Dual USB-C Port Small Power Adapter. The first set of illustrations shows the adapter with the prongs ready for use, while the second set shows the adapter with the prongs closed.

AirPods Pro

Apple was given a design patent by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the AirPods Pro with the designation D977460, as seen below. Jumbo graphics weren’t offered. Apple trademarked “Recording, Telecommunications, or Data Processing Equipment” under Locarno Classification 14-01. The date of registration or grant is February 7, 2023.

Apple-a-design-patent-for-AirPods-Pro Basic-WIPO-Desing-Patent-Info

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