Samsung Announces February Galaxy Unpacked Event and Teases Most Notable S Series Smartphone

Whenever I look around, I’m amazed at how much invention there is in today’s world. But it is the development of the smartphone that excites me the most. With the touch of a finger, this single gadget ushered in new digital industries like remote work, education, entertainment, and fitness, as well as the capacity to capture, explore, and interact with anyone, anywhere. The smartphone is a doorway to limitless advancement. And it is something we at Samsung have never taken for granted.

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It’s not enough for mobile innovation to simply move in lockstep with the rest of the world. We need to stay ahead of the curve so that our technology can help us alter the way we interact with the world and make our lives simpler. That is why we strive to continuously defy the rules.

To Begin the Next Chapter in Smartphone History, We Must Break the Rules

In 2011, the Galaxy Note combined the convenience and portability of smartphones with the large screen and notebook-like functionality of tablets. Some objected to the 5.3-inch screen – considered huge at the time – but Note created a legacy where a large screen is now the norm. Even the S Pen surprised everyone. It allowed people to combine creativity and productivity – whenever inspiration struck, they could quickly jot down their ideas and thoughts in Samsung Notes. In 2019, we once again dared to redefine smartphones. We launched our Galaxy Z Fold series and it brought a whole new form factor to the mobile phone industry. Our industry-leading foldable design has changed the way people use their phones. With Flex mode, video calls are hands-free and easier. And multitasking with multiple windows is also a breeze, as your phone becomes a tablet in the blink of an eye. And once again the industry has taken notice, with many mobile phone companies now following in our footsteps to make flyers the next big thing.

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Listening to customers and taking notes are two ways to innovate

In a sea of smartphone sameness and repetitive upgrades, our goal remains the same: to recognise the signs of change — by listening to your input — and to keep delivering mobile experiences that enable us all to develop.

Many of you were disappointed when Samsung failed to announce a new Galaxy Note last year. You adored the Galaxy Note series’ unrivalled inventiveness and efficiency, which allowed you to go from gaming bliss to high-octane productivity in the twinkling of an eye. You gushed over the realistic S Pen, which many compare to writing with ink. We haven’t forgotten about the adventures you like.

Catalyzing the galaxy’s next evolution For years

 Samsung has converted skeptics who thought our ideas were impossible. Whether it’s an oversized screen, a stylus that no one knew they needed, or a professional camera that could truly lift mobile photography out of the dark. With each new evolution of Samsung Galaxy devices, we’ve introduced features that redefine the entire mobile category. And we’re about to rewrite the industry rules once again. At Unpacked in February 2022, we’ll introduce you to the most remarkable S-series device we’ve ever created. 

The next generation of Galaxy S has arrived, bringing together the greatest experiences of our Samsung Galaxy into one definitive device. never captured with a phone. You’ll also dominate the day with power, speed and tools you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll enjoy cutting-edge innovations made possible by the smartest Galaxy experience ever. All, while feeling good to be part of the most durable ecosystem galaxy.

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