The (2nd-gen) Pixel Stand leak reveals.

 The Pixel 6 Stand, along with other Google products due on October 16, has been further refined in light of a new leak. In contrast to previous Pixel models, the new mount for the Pixel 6 has several additional features. There is a cooling fan on the Pixel 6 Stand and it supports faster charging. We knew that from previous leaks. 

New leaks have revealed that the Pixel 6 Stand will be equipped with a wireless charging system that features two coils and a coil specifically designed for portable devices. Compatible devices will be able to charge up to 23W, while the active cooling fan guarantees efficiency and balance. He included wallpapers from Google’s Pixel 6 series on his YouTube channel. Thus far, Brandon Lee has provided these details.

Two charging points are available in the new Pixel 6 mount and will offer a smart display for the Google Pixel 6 phone. The mount is made with a substantial part of recycled material and will delight fans of durability. In addition to the enhanced software experience using Google Pixel 6 support, it also offers a number of features that will make using it as a Pixel 6 accessory a thrilling experience. 

The tipster also revealed other details, including a one-year limited warranty for and other countries, while a 2-year warranty will be available for the EU, China and the UK. Confirmation of these leaks will come as we move closer to the October 19 launch date for Google Pixel 6 support. According to the new leak, the Pixel 6 Stand will retail for $ 79 in the US.

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