Try out Google services and products in the labs


launching Labs, a location where you can try out Google prototype services and products. The new Google Labs, which was inspired by the original Google Labs, allows you to get an early glimpse into risky and ethical projects from throughout the business and to directly interact with the teams that developed them.


You may now sign up for a number of studies that have a limited number of slots available:

  • Search Labs: Information can now be explored in new ways in Google Search, such as the SGE (Search Generative Experience), which offers AI-powered overviews, pointers, and follow-up recommendations.
  • Workspace Labs: Google Workspace has recently added new AI-powered creation and collaboration tools, including writing suggestions in Google Docs and Gmail, data organization in Sheets, and text-generated images in Slides.
  • Project Tailwind: Your notes and sources power an AI-first notebook.
  • MusicLM: a device that converts your written descriptions into music

A few of these concepts may materialize into complete features or products, while others won’t. Your suggestions will aid in our decision-making. come back often to see what’s new as we want to iterate through various concepts.


As much as we like playing around with these experiments, we hope you will too.

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