The ‘Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition’ is a new product from Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics has been selling the Wooyoungmi portable edition in Korea on a limited basis since the 19th, in collaboration with the design brand ‘WOOYOUNGMI PARIS,’ which is gaining appeal as a new premium product among the MZ generation. The Galaxy Watch 4 Wooyoungmi Edition and Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition will be launched individually.

Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition

The “Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition” adds a touch of class and refinement.

The “Galaxy Watch 4 Wooyoungmi Edition” consists of a black “Galaxy Watch 4” dial with a dedicated wireless charger. The unique bracelet uses high-quality leather and stainless steel materials and the brand’s “WOOYOUNGMI PARIS” logo and distinctive rectangular buckle are applied to add a luxurious feel. In addition, the charger and the watch face are engraved with the logo in any black colour, which gives a sense of unity to the packaging.Youngmi Woo Watch Face can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.

Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition

‘ Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition ‘is composed of an exclusive Galaxy Buds2 case in graphite colour. The exclusive case completed an elegant and sophisticated design by applying plated materials to a square case reflecting the identity of the “Wooyoungmi Paris” brand. The “Galaxy Watch 4 Wooyoungmi Edition” costs 399,000 won for the 44mm model and 369,000 won for the 40mm model and the “Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition” is priced at 199,000 won. The “Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition” will be sold exclusively on the “Musinsa” fashion platform from 10 am on the 19th, and more information can be found on the Musina Store ( 

Galaxy Buds 2 Wooyoungmi Edition

Customers who purchase a Galaxy Watch 4 can participate in a “trade-in” programme.

“Samsung Electronics has prepared a smartwatch” trade-in “program for the first time starting on the 18th of this month. The “Galaxy Watch Trade-in” program is the status of the existing product when a customer who uses ‘Galaxy Watch’, ‘Galaxy Watch Active’, ‘Galaxy Watch Active 2’, ‘Galaxy Watch 3’ purchases ‘Galaxy Watch 4’ is a program can paid according to the You can apply through Samsung Electronics website, Samsung members or promotion page.

Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition'

A Samsung Electronics official said, “We expect the ‘Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition’ to become a computer object that expresses its personality and values ​​to Generation MZ as a result of collaborative edits such as in the role of the owner. by Thom Br, Maison Kitsune and PXG.”” Moreover, I hope you can meet the ‘Galaxy Watch 4’ with fashionable charm in a more reasonable way through the ‘TradeIn’ program.

Wearable Wooyoungmi Edition'

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