WhatsApp new privacy feature: Privacy Checkup and Silence unknown callers


What we’re building at WhatsApp continues to be prompted by the need to protect the privacy of your messages. While end-to-end encryption is the cornerstone for ensuring the security of your calls and messages, we continuously add additional layers of privacy on top, such as the recently launched Chat Lock to conceal private conversations behind a password, Disappearing Messages that vanish, screenshot blocking for View Once, and the option to maintain your internet privacy.

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Privacy Checkup and Silent Unknown Callers, which are both currently accessible to users, to this increasing list of enhancements.

Silent Unknown Callers is made to increase your privacy and give you greater control over incoming calls. For greater protection, it helps to automatically filter out spam, frauds, and calls from ominous-sounding numbers. These calls won’t ring on your phone, but they will show up in your Call list in case they are from a significant person.


To help ensure that everyone is aware of the alternatives for safety on WhatsApp, we are introducing Privacy Checkup as a way to help spread the word.

This tool walks you through key privacy settings step-by-step so you can select the appropriate level of security in one spot. You can browse through several privacy levels that increase the security of your messages, calls, and personal information by choosing “Start checkup” in your privacy settings.


We are clear that individuals require a safe environment in which to communicate, so protecting your private communications is crucial. To better convey why this is so crucial, we are bringing this message to people all across the world in novel methods. We’re encouraging folks to safely check in with one another by private messaging as of this week so that friends and loved ones are aware that they have a safe environment to open up.

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