To Recover Lost Messages, WhatsApp Now Has An Accidental Delete Option


WhatsApp has now announced a new feature that allows users to undo the action of selecting “Delete for me” rather than “Delete for Everyone” when attempting to delete a message for everyone. According to the organisation, everyone has been in the unpleasant situation of inadvertently selecting “Delete for Me” rather than “Delete for Everyone” while sending a message to the wrong person or group. WhatsApp has now implemented an additional layer of security to prevent users from such embarrassment.

How does WhatsApp’s’ Accidental Delete’ feature work?

The Accidental delete function will help users since it will provide them with a five-second window in which they may undo the deletion of an accidentally deleted message and then click the ‘Delete for Everyone button. All Android and iPhone users may now utilise this function.


In 2017, the “Delete for Everyone” option was added to the platform, allowing users to recall a message for all conversation participants. The feature was created to solve the issue of messages being mistakenly sent during individual and group talks.

Although the option could only be used for seven minutes when it was originally released, WhatsApp expanded the maximum length of time it could be used to two days and twelve hours in August of this year.

According to reports, the platform is working on various new capabilities, including picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for video conversations on Apple iPhone. The platform is currently experimenting with a picture-in-picture (PiP) option for video chats conducted via its iOS app. As a result of the move, users will be able to use other applications while still engaging in video conversations.

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