Android 12 will eliminate the need for manual adaptation of fonts use the dynamic material You theme

Android 12 dynamic themes can bring benefits to Material You without manually adjusting fonts and symbols. The wait for Android 12 is getting shorter every day, and thanks to the monthly Beta update, we have a good idea of ​​what will happen this fall.

Android 12 Material You

Google is using Material You to introduce a new look and provide automatic adjustment options based on your background image. Unfortunately, some of the tools available in Android 11 don’t seem to make any progress. When Android 12 Beta 3 was released last week, we found that Google’s new wallpapers and style menus were finally available, with customizable accent colors (although a limited number) and theme icons.

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This menu is obviously lacking: the old font and icon options currently available on Android 11. These settings are currently in the “Style” menu, allowing you to set system icons such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, fonts and highlighting If the six pre-made inclusions don’t work for you, you can even create your own set-up. Although we think these features will be restored before Android 12 development is complete, this dream may have been shattered.

Android 12 Will Eliminate The Need For Manual Adaptation Of Fonts Use The Dynamic Material You Theme

Beta testers submitted a bug report about missing menus to the issue tracker, and a Google employee replied with the following statement: The custom style features in R (fonts, icon shapes, icon sets, and accent colours) will be replaced with A new dynamic theme function, we are in S. We think the new dynamic theme function is more modern and smarter.

Android 12 Material You

Hope all users like it. In other words, the font and icon options disappeared in Android 12. Given that this year’s update is designed to allow users to personalize their smartphone experience, it is strange that these tools have been removed. In response to this forum, the company is likely to always change its mind, although it is unlikely

Android 12 Material You


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