The new photos show our initial understanding of the new external triple camera settings of the upcoming Surface Duo Reveal. They also showed a black and white version of the device. This fall, the second-generation Surface Duo 2 and today, an image of a seemingly almost certain prototype leaked online, showing a new three-lens external camera setup, like other cameras, located on top of the camera. The flagship smartphone on the market.

The images have been created, but Windows Central can confirm that the photos are legal. Surface Duo 2 has three external cameras, which are ultra-wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and standard lens. The photos also show that the device can be equipped with frosted glass. …Outside, they are black and white. They also showed that the fingerprint reader has been removed, most likely built into the power button, and the USBC connector is now located in the center on the right side of the device.

Windows Central assumes that plans to release Surface Duo 2 before September. Or in October, it will have 2021 flagship specifications, including Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G and NFC for wireless payments.It seems that this device represents a hardware breakthrough for Surface Duo 1, which is equipped with outdated specifications and lacks key hardware features.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leaked

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leaked

We are interested in whether the shipping price of Surface Duo 2 is the same as Surface Duo 1, or whether it is more expensive considering many hardware features. What do you think of the appearance of Surface Duo 2? If Surface Duo 2 has better hardware than Surface Duo 1, would you consider buying it? Let us know in the comments.

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