Corning has expanded the Corning Gorilla glass product line to optimize the performance of mobile cameras

The new product category offers unparalleled smartphone camera optics that can provide 98% light absorption, and higher quality images and videos while maintaining the hardness of Gorilla Glass. Durable laminated glass products, Corning® Gorilla® Glass with DX and Corning® Gorilla® Glass with DX +.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass with DX

The technology applied to mobile cameras provides professional-quality images through a unique combination of advanced optical performance, excellent scratch resistance and durability. Since 2010, the number of photos taken annually worldwide has increased from 350 billion to 1.4 trillion, and mobile technology cameras are often considered one of the most important factors in purchasing decisions. Professional image quality under all lighting conditions I Must capture the amount of ambient light to the maximum and minimize all reflections in the camera system.

Samsung will be the first customer to adopt Gorilla Glass DX products for camera lens covers.

Jaymin Amin, vice president and general manager of Corning Gorilla Glass, said: “For a long time, anti-reflective coatings have been used in traditional cameras to improve light detection. “However, these coatings are easily scratched. This will have a negative impact on image quality. Corning Gorilla Glass Compound not only provides better scratch resistance and durability for mobile camera lens covers than traditional coatings but also improves the optical performance required by these devices.

In response to consumer demand for high-quality pictures and video features, smartphone manufacturers have integrated advanced features such as telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, and infrared sensors. To achieve this refinement, the size and number of cameras on smartphones have been increasing, and the surface area of ​​the lens has increased significantly, greatly increasing the possibility of scratches and damage in daily use.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass with DX

“We have developed a perfect solution for camera lens caps,” Amin said. “By capturing 98% of the light on the camera lens, our glass composites increase the overall capacity of the camera structure and help create high-quality images and videos. Our Gorilla Glass DX products provide optical performance and industry-leading protection The best combination of Gorilla Glass DX products can provide the best consumer experience. Samsung will be the first customer to use Gorilla Glass DX products for camera lens caps. Gorilla Glass has been developed in more than 8 billion devices. With its mobile consumer electronics Product market access platform, Corning continues its history of innovation, providing

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