Cases for the Galaxy S23 reveal a new camera design over launch date rumour


The year is almost over, which suggests that the introduction of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 series is likely to close. We’ve seen a few leaked device renderings, but these cases appear to validate the revised camera design for the more minor variants.

The covers are available on MobileFun (via SamMobile), and come in a variety of designs and colours for the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus. Some casings include discrete holes for the camera modules, but others have a single long, rounded cutout for the complete array.

Galaxy S23 Cases reveal 


According to the cases, it appears that Samsung is changing the appearance of the Galaxy S23 and S23+ to better resemble the premium Ultra variant. The Galaxy S22 Ultra features discrete camera modules rather than a camera housing like the smaller versions, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra will likely follow suit, much to the heartbreak of some consumers.

Galaxy-S23-Cases-01 Galaxy-S23-Cases-02

In his Galaxy S22 Ultra review, Android Central’s Nicholas Sutrich notes that this causes dust to gather around the camera modules, which he dislikes. If the S23 models are designed similarly, we may see more consumers complaining about dust around the cameras, but wearing a case may mitigate this.

Galaxy-S23-Case-03 Galaxy-S23-Cases-04

The Galaxy S23 series is likely to be unveiled in early February, with multiple leaks pointing to a February 1 release date. If this is true, the event will be more than a week sooner than the Galaxy S22 launch event earlier this year. The following week, OnePlus will unveil its new flagship.

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