Samsung Galaxy S22 Hands-on video of aluminum dummy model.

 Samsung will launch a new range within two months. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is scheduled for January 2022 and will probably include three models again. In addition to the base model, the larger Galaxy S22 Plus model and the new flagship model in the form of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be introduced. In the last few weeks, much has been known about the new Samsung smartphones in terms of design and specifications. gif maker -

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ are slightly smaller on both models, but have many similarities to their predecessors. The base model screen is 6.06 inches instead of 6.2 inches, and the plus model screen is 6.55 inches instead of 6.7 inches. The Ultra model, on the other hand, has a different design, and as you can see from the range of the Note model, this device has a right edge. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will also be the first smartphone in the S series with a compartment for the SA stylus. Preview of a fictitious model of the Samsung Galaxy S22 LetsGoDigital released a series of versions of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus last month, and shortly thereafter, the first version based on CAD drawings came online. This has been confirmed. gif maker%2B%25282%2529 -

There is an S22 aluminum dummy on the internet. The photo was discovered by David Kowalski, or @xleaks7, and posted on Pigtou’s website. Pigtou manufactures cabinets and covers for popular electronics such as smartphones, tablets and game consoles. The website also posted the following video showing the Galaxy S22 dummy from all sides. gif maker%2B%25283%2529 -

The outline is almost the same as the current S series. Dimensions aside, the S22 is best identified by looking at the rear camera system. With the Galaxy S21 / S21+, Samsung can optionally slide the camera module from the side. In the new model, this curve is pulled a little easier, as shown by Ice Universe a while back. The design of the fictitious model fits perfectly with the above rumors. Therefore, it is considered that this is actually the design of Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus. These dummy phones are used, among other things by cabinet makers, to design a well-fitting smartphone case. The position of the button and connection does not change. It also means that the 3.5mm headphones will not be integrated and the microSD will also lose the memory card slot. gif maker%2B%25284%2529 -

This is already the case for line S21. Galaxy S22 Unpacked 2022 Galaxy S22 Unpacked 2022 Unfortunately, Samsung seems to be increasingly abandoning the Galaxy S series as a middle class series. Only the Ultra model looks great with a glass back panel. In most cases, the S22 and S22 use plastic panels and Full HD screens instead of QHD. The Galaxy Z series is a new premium series. Following the good commercial achievements of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, manufacturers will focus more on foldable smartphone models. The Samsung S22 series will probably be available in January 2022. The Galaxy Unpacked event is presented to showcase new models. The booking period usually begins 1-2 days after the event. The release date will be about 2 weeks later. gif maker%2B%25285%2529 -

Many Galaxy fans are still waiting for the Galaxy S21FE as a cheap alternative to the S21. However, there are increasing signs that Samsung has canceled the smartphone model at the last minute. The device is already delayed due to lack of chips. Anyway, it has long been thought that the S21FE will arrive in October. It seems that Samsung has decided to discontinue the S21FE version due to the combination of the recently released Galaxy Z smartphone’s strong sales performance and the new series model scheduled within two months. So now we have to wait for S22.

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