Google Leaked Product Roadmap For The Upcoming 3 Years


Because hardware development takes years, today’s leak revealing the Google Pixel roadmap through 2025 is spot on. If Google keeps planning, the next three years of Pixel phones demonstrate Google’s aim to deliver a range of devices that more than mimic the iPhone in terms of diversity.

Pixel in 2023

Pixel 7a: Lynx

Pixel 8 and 8 Pro: Shiba and Husky 

Pixel Fold: Felix 

Pixel Tablet: Tangor/Pro

We’ve written extensively on Google’s forthcoming mid-range phone, with pricing supposedly remaining the same, and good foldable renderings emerging in recent weeks. The Pixel 8 “will feature a smaller display and overall smaller form factor,” according to Android Authority, but the Pixel 8 Pro remains unchanged.


The pixel in 2024

Google is rumoured to be planning some interesting strategic adjustments for after next year. The Pixel 8a, codenamed after a dog, would cost $499, representing a $50 price hike. It’s preferable to conceive of it as an objective rather than a fixed point, especially considering how much the landscape may change between now and then.

Speaking of change, the aforementioned Pixel 8a plan may be adjusted depending on how the Pixel 7a does in the market. If this is the case, Google is shifting to a two-year release schedule.

Pixel 8a: Akita

Pixel 9: No codename, curiously

6.3-inch Pixel 9 Pro: Caiman 

6.7-inch Pixel 9 Pro: Komodo

Pixel foldable follow-up

This isn’t the first divergence from Apple’s iPhone – especially, the SE – range, with the Pixel 9 Pro coming in two sizes, resuming the XL strategy that ended with the Pixel 4 series. According to Android Authority, this three-phone lineup is “fixed in stone.”

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Finally, a “follow-up foldable” might appear in 2024, but no additional specifics are given.

Pixel in the year 2025

Smaller Pixel 10

Larger Pixel 10 or flip-style foldable 

Smaller Pixel 10 Pro

Larger Pixel 10 Pro

Pixel foldable follow-up

While Google may be unsure about a successor to the 2023 Pixel Fold, a flip-style smartphone, like the Galaxy Z Flip, appears to be more certain based on this 2025 roadmap leak. However, Google is considering a different strategy that includes only a smaller and bigger version of the Pixel 10 to resemble the 10 Pro series. This would genuinely equal the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus (which appears to be underperforming), iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Google highlighted its goal for a “Collection” of gadgets with the Pixel Watch and forthcoming Tablet. These revelations, if true, show that Google seeks depth as well as range in its offers.

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