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Google is rumoured to debut a foldable phone early. The internet is reportedly buzzing with whispers of some wonderful news for fold smartphone owners. That has grown to be a major player in the Android market. Additionally, Google Pixel Fold will be offered for sale alongside Samsung’s Galaxy Fold on the market. The Expected delivery date of Pixel Fold is May 2023.

support of Onleaks, one of our tech experts and friends named “Steve” revealed the upcoming Google Pixel fold design with some specific specifications (roughly 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm (8.3mm including rear camera bump) unfolded; approximately 7.69-inch inner display; approximately 5.79-inch cover display).

Android customers moving to foldable smartphone technology eagerly await Google Fold Phone. They want to utilise apps and games on a huge screens like tablets, which is why.

Official Google Pixel Fold Design Render Unveiled

With several 360 Video Renders, Designs, and Dimensions revealed in leaks, the Google pixel fold 1st Generation smartphone is now coming quickly. The Google pixel fold seems wonderful and will remain on the smartphone market for a long time, according to the most recent leaks.

Rumour has it that consumers anticipate a more robust build for smartphones in the foldable category, but not for speed and performance. Google may, however, equip Folding phones with the Tensor G2 CPU because it launched all of its previous smartphones with adequate performance metrics.

Tensor G2 chip’s power

The Tensor G2 chip, an eight-core ARM processor, contains four performance-booster cores running at 1.8 GHz and two silver cores operating at 2.35 GHz, two silver high-performance cores operating at 2.85 GHz, and a Mali-G710 graphics processor.

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There are the colours Silver and Black. On the rear of the screen, with raised edge perforations, is where the “3 Cameras” position with LED flash is located. There is a SIM Tray on the exterior (first) screen’s bottom border and a USB-C charging port on the bottom side of the foldable (second) screen. There is no 3.5 mm jack connector.


There are additional holes for microphones and two speakers for balanced sound (at the top edge of the main screen and close to the USB-C port at the bottom border of the second screen) (at the top and bottom).

better battery The Google Pixel’s leaks suggest a high-quality screen and design; this smartphone’s real battle with Samsung comes in the form of displays. Due to size limitations, there have also been substantial advancements in camera architecture and telephoto sensors.

Size of the screen, cover, and camera position

About 5.79-inch cover display with a hole-punch selfie camera in the centre, a 7.69-inch inner display with a single hole-punch camera on the right, and an unfurled size of 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm (8.3mm with the back camera bump).

When iPhone folding phones hit the market, some Android users anticipate seeing even cuter designs in folding phone technology. Truth be said, though, more competition is always a good thing.


Additionally, there is a potential that the Pixel fold may support the stylus. In an ideal world, people would use big-screen phones for notes, drawings, and other forms of input. Google may perhaps provide a pen along with its Folding phones. Pixel users will be happy if a particular business announcement is made.

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With several storage choices, 12GB RAM, and colour options, you get everything for $1,799. Android 13 is already installed.

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