Google Pixel has music videos vaccination cards

Google Pixel has music videos vaccination cards

Our most recent Feature Drop has arrived, giving a boost of usefulness to your Pixel. Today, updates for Pixel 4 to our latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones begin to trickle out.

Create your own music

Have you ever longed to make music out of daily sounds? With pocket operator for Pixel, you can now.

Google Pixel has music videos vaccination cards

Pocket operator for Pixel, developed in partnership with adolescent engineering, allows you to record video footage and transform it into amusing music and video cut-ups. Layer sounds, add visual effects, generate patterns and beats, and mix everything together to create your own unique tracks. Download it from the Google Play Store and test it out on your Pixel 5 and newer Pixels (only available in English).

Vaccine verification directly from your home screen

No more waiting in lines as you search for your immunisation card on your phone: When you take a screenshot of your digital immunisation card, you can now create a shortcut to your home screen to conveniently retrieve it. This function is accessible in Australia, Canada, and the United States. (The availability of digital vaccination cards varies by state and healthcare provider.) Details may be found at card.)

Google Pixel has music videos vaccination cards

When you need it, this information comes in handy

Get the information you need with Pixel’s three new At Glance features:

No need to get up from your sofa to check who’s at the door with the Nest Doorbell video stream. You can now see when someone rings your Nest Doorbell from the lock screen. This functionality necessitates the purchase of a compatible Nest Doorbell (available separately) as well as the Google Home or Nest app.

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Google Pixel has music videos vaccination cards

Flashlight reminder: If you’ve ever been awkwardly informed that your flashlight is turned on, good news! If you mistakenly leave your flashlight on, you’ll now receive a reminder and shortcut to switch it off.

And it’s coming soon! Air Quality Alerts: Use air quality alerts for your present area to be safe and preserve your lungs. This function is only available in the United States, Australia, and India.

New wallpapers for Pride Month

We teamed with illustrator Yann Bastard to produce three new wallpapers for our Curated Culture collection to commemorate Pride Month. Yann, a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, is drawn to large, strong shapes and vibrant colours. He grew up in Zaragoza, Spain, and now lives in Rennes, France.

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Goodbye, background noise

Conversation mode, which was previously only available in beta on Pixel phones, is now available in the Sound Amplifier app for Pixel 3 and newer. Sound Amplifier was created for people who have hearing loss. It uses your phone to enhance and filter vital sounds around you. Conversation mode enhances the voice you desire while filtering out background noise and other voices. It is based on a deep learning algorithm that analyses both audio and visual data to differentiate speech. Focus your camera on anybody you wish to chat with and tune in solely to them.

Google Pixel has music videos vaccination cards

With noise reduction, you’ll also receive outstanding audio quality wherever you are on Google Meet. The Google Meet noise reduction tool takes out background noises like traffic or a dog barking, allowing you to be heard clearly no matter where you are. This functionality is available to all Pixel users without the requirement for a workplace account.

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