At CES 2022, LG Display showcases a diverse range of transparent OLED panels.

Revolutionary new concepts that will be on exhibit at CES 2022, LG Display has developed new uses for transparent screens: OLED Shelf, Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window. LG Display is not to be confused with LG Electronics, as the firm just develops concepts that other companies may utilise and advertise. 

LG Display shows transparent screens

The OLED shelf, which you can see at the beginning of this piece, is made up of two 55-inch transparent OLED screens stacked on top of each other, each with its own shelf. LG Display claims it’s ideal for the living room, where it can simultaneously display artwork, a TV show, or one on each of two displays. The Always-on display mode ensures that the screen is always on. If there was a work of art on exhibit, that picture might come to a halt, melting into the wall behind it like a painting.

There is actually room for you too to put a real painting behind the screens,  which you could see when they are turned off. LG also designed a motorized matte sheet of material that rolls like a projector screen to create their most vibrant, less ethereal images. (Images viewed on transparent screens can  look scary at times.) The pedestal you see in the image above houses some of the electronics, and the screens accept standard HDMI input. While the OLED shelf is designed for the home, LG Display says its purchasing management showcase is aimed at “luxury” department stores. 

LG Display shows transparent screens

A transparent OLED display is attached to an elegant wooden stand, and when placed in front of physical products, it looks like it can create a futuristic shopping experience. It adds an overlay to the items behind it, which means store owners can add graphics that highlight parts of their products or even use the display to provide whimsical visuals. We saw a video in which the flowing graphics caught our attention to one of the perfume bottles featured above, giving it a shiny halo effect.

LG Display also showed off its showroom window, a business-oriented variant that comprises four 55-inch transparent OLED panels that could be used to reproduce items in store windows – instead of stickers, businesses could use digital text. The business boasts that its versions are already on display at Seoul’s new Musinsa fashion shop, as well as art shows at the Smithsonian and 180 The Strand in London, subway windows in China and Japan, and a Bulgari fashion show. The business also demonstrated its Smart Window, a transparent OLED display that can be used for video chats or workplace presentations, although no photographs of the display were provided.

LG Display shows transparent screens

We won’t see many of these transparent-through screens in the real world since they’re only ideas, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re still rather lovely to look at, according to LG Display. If clients request it, we will be happy to assist them. “We can deliver [the OLED shelf] if any of our clients desire it,” LG Display spokeswoman Jean Lee told The Verge, adding that he was ready to go into production. The same 55-inch 1080p clear OLED panels with 40% transparency is used in all of these displays, according to Lee, and are part of the company’s eighth-generation display production process.

LG is working on a patent for folding automobile dashboard display.

LG looks to be developing a new foldable display for in-car entertainment. The patent was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization by the South Korean behemoth (WIPO). It’s possible that the corporation is employing the same technology that is used for LG’s smart TVs and rollable phones.

LG new foldable display for in-car

LG appears to be working on a roll-up display panel for an automotive infotainment system, according to a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The app, as 91mobiles noted, has foldable infotainment system design designs, giving us information on what to expect. 

The dashboard’s display panel extends from the back to reveal a bigger screen. Depending on the resolution, the design creates the appearance that the panel can display content both folded and unfolded. Furthermore, when the display is open, the size of the display doubles. LG is most likely utilising technologies from its renowned roll-up smart TVs. LG had teased a rollable smartphone earlier this year, however, after hyping the flexible screen phone, the company chose to wind down its smartphone business. 

LG new foldable display for in-car

LG new foldable display for in-car

The flexible design of the foldable infotainment screen should save space on the car’s dashboard and also provide (somewhat) eye protection when technically not in use. Unfortunately, the patent description does not reveal the technical details, such as panel dimensions, usage scenarios, panel compatibility, etc.

LG new foldable display for in-car

LG new foldable display for in-car

LG Innotek’s 3D Time of Flight (ToF) Module will be used in Apple’s Future Mixed Reality Headset.

 Apple and Microsoft are expected to include LG InnoTek’s 3D time of flight (ToF) module in their respective virtual reality (VR) headsets, which are expected to launch next year.

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ToF modules from the South Korean component manufacturer are already available for iPhones and iPads. ToF modules fire lasers at an item and measure the time it takes for the laser to bounce back to determine the distance between them. The modules are required for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications.

LG InnoTek provided ToF modules for the iPad Pro, as well as the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models, which were released last year. It also offers modules for the iPhone 13 series, with the lidar feature enabling AR in a 5G environment. The components for Facebook’s VR headset Oculus were previously supplied by the South Korean component manufacturer.

“It’s extremely probable that LG InnoTek will also be delivering its modules for Apple’s AR glass, which is slated to arrive in 2023,” the Elec speculates. Finally, according to the source, Apple has inked an exclusive agreement with Sony to get image sensors that may be used for direct ToF.

LG Developed brand new technology using new material folding display.

 Created foldable cover window by incorporating new materials and gathered covering innovations

– Grew ‘Genuine Collapsing Window’ that is just about as hard as glass yet collapsing regions that are pretty much as adaptable as plasticCenter cutting edge material that will lead the foldable market with recognized execution Slight, break counteraction, and essentially further developed overlay lines in the collapsing region contrasted with existing items.

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IT Materials Division Pioneer, VP Chang Do Ki “We will reinforce our organizations with driving organizations of the cell phone industry and grow our market beginning with mobiles and going on to new foldable applications like workstations and tablets”

LG Chem grew new innovations that can be utilized for foldable showcases utilizing new materials advances and its aggregated covering advances as it enters the cutting edge materials market decisively. With respect to, LG Chem declared that it had fostered the cover window for foldable IT gadgets called ‘Genuine Collapsing Window’ that applied extraordinarily created covering materials to make the surface as hard as glass, while the collapsing parts as adaptable as plastic.

LG Tone Free DFP8W provides noise cancellation and up to 24 hours of battery life.

 LG no longer produces mobile phones, they still produce headphones. Their latest product is Tone Free DFP8W. These TWS earplugs can provide up to 24 hours of active noise reduction. Hours of play time and UV Nano charging case to clean the silicone tip and speaker fabric. LG Tone Free DFP8W provides ANC and up to 24 hours of battery life.

LG Tone Free DFP8W

The headset is equipped with an 8mm dynamic driver from Meridian. For calls, the rest is used for ANC. They are connected via Bluetooth 5.2 with multi-pair support, supporting up to five devices as well as Google Quick Pairing and Windows Swift Pair protocol. .LG Tone Free DFP8W provides ANC and up to 24 hours of battery life. The new LG headphones are compatible with aptX, AAC and SBC codecs and provide splash protection. PX4.