LG is working on a patent for folding automobile dashboard display.

LG looks to be developing a new foldable display for in-car entertainment. The patent was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization by the South Korean behemoth (WIPO). It’s possible that the corporation is employing the same technology that is used for LG’s smart TVs and rollable phones.

LG new foldable display for in-car

LG appears to be working on a roll-up display panel for an automotive infotainment system, according to a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The app, as 91mobiles noted, has foldable infotainment system design designs, giving us information on what to expect. 

The dashboard’s display panel extends from the back to reveal a bigger screen. Depending on the resolution, the design creates the appearance that the panel can display content both folded and unfolded. Furthermore, when the display is open, the size of the display doubles. LG is most likely utilising technologies from its renowned roll-up smart TVs. LG had teased a rollable smartphone earlier this year, however, after hyping the flexible screen phone, the company chose to wind down its smartphone business. 

LG new foldable display for in-car

LG new foldable display for in-car

The flexible design of the foldable infotainment screen should save space on the car’s dashboard and also provide (somewhat) eye protection when technically not in use. Unfortunately, the patent description does not reveal the technical details, such as panel dimensions, usage scenarios, panel compatibility, etc.

LG new foldable display for in-car

LG new foldable display for in-car

Since this is a car panel, the possibilities may be limited, but with LG being known for its innovation, we’re curious to see what comes up. The design is still in the patent stage, so it’s not clear if LG will ever release such a design for commercial use.

LG new foldable display for in-car

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However, we’re interested to see where LG goes from here since it’s a promising start for LG’s goods. various classifications LG is also working on a rollable in-flight entertainment screen. At the time, though, nothing is known about this.

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