Google trademark filing confirmed be the Pixel Watch

Google trademark filing confirmed be the Pixel Watch

From all appearances, Google’s first wristwatch is close to being released. After years of uncertainty, speculation, and plenty of rumours, it finally feels like everything is falling into place, and while nothing is official-official just yet, the pace and quality of recent leaks could easily persuade us that a Google I/O (or at least shortly thereafter) launch is on the cards. Now, Google has filed a trademark application for “Pixel Watch,” which might provide some of the best evidence so far for that notion.

While we’ve been dubbing Google’s rumoured wearable the Pixel Watch for quite some time, it was actually just a very descriptive-feeling, low-hanging-fruit assumption. Although we wouldn’t have been shocked if Google chose a different name in the end, this trademark registration appears to spell out the company’s plans.

Google trademark filing confirmed be the Pixel Watch

Although the documentation mentions that Google has a prior foreign application pending from last autumn in the island country of Tonga, the corporation submitted its application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 19 (discovered by 9to5Google). Google has filed trademark applications in both the watch and smartwatch product categories, which is precisely what we’d anticipate for this gadget.

Although “Pixel Watch” appears to be the final name for this wearable, we’ve been monitoring its progress under the codename Rohan — and don’t be shocked if you see that name come up a few more times when final leaks surface in the weeks leading up to launch. On May 11, Google I/O will begin. We wouldn’t be shocked if Google’s Pixel Watch made an appearance as well.

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