Google Wear OS 3 has been redesigned, leaked images

We’ve mostly seen Wear OS 3 in the context of Samsung’s One UI on the Galaxy Watch 4 as of today. New Wear OS 3 screenshots give us another look at what may be termed the basic Google experience.

Google Wear Os 3 Has Been Redesigned, Leaked Images

Two screenshots of Google Assistant are taken from the Wear OS phone companion app on the Play Store. It’s the revamp we teased at the end of last year and which Google formally unveiled in February.

The firm posted a GIF of it on the Galaxy Watch 4 earlier this month, and today’s screenshot of the “Hi, how can I help?” prompt matches it. After transcribing a genuine instruction, we see the Pixel-Esque light bar in operation in the second image.

Google Wear Os 3 Has Been Redesigned, Leaked Images

Moving on, we see what appears to be a Fitbit tile that displays your daily step count. It uses Fitbit’s colour scheme and steps symbol and is expected to replace Google Fit’s version.

Google Wear Os 3 Has Been Redesigned, Leaked Images

On Wear OS 3, the last entirely fresh screenshot of the day shows what seems to be an incoming Messages notification. The sender’s avatar is displayed, along with the app symbol and name, as well as the day/date and a quick discussion preview. It differs from the emulator version’s notification list.

Google Wear Os 3 Has Been Redesigned, Leaked Images

Meanwhile, the “Next event”/Agenda tile gets a second look. It’s a minor update compared to what’s presently available on Wear OS 2, and it was only shown off briefly at Google I/O. This version begins with the start/end time of your event, followed by your name and address (if provided). Instead of a calendar icon, an “Agenda” button is utilised.

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Google Wear Os 3 Has Been Redesigned, Leaked Images

Looks at the existing YouTube Music, Google Pay, and Messages applications round out the list. The posting of these Wear OS screenshots to the Play Store is a recent occurrence (based on the Assistant design, within the last month). They should be near-final and representative of Wear OS 3 on the anticipated Pixel Watch as well as upgrades for current devices.

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