Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 expression to Life.

A simple yet polished shape reminiscent of most traditional watches, the round shape is the centerpiece of the design that has been included in the Galaxy Watch line from the outset. Samsung designers have worked hard to create it.

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An easy-to-use structure with all the basic functions of a watch, avoiding anything complex or distracting in order to develop a product that is truly different. By removing all unnecessary decorative elements and focusing on the true essence of the device, the developers of the Galaxy Watch series have managed to create a watch designed to be not only timeless, but also the perfect addition to any person’s wrist. The screen-to-body frame and strap were applied to both models based on a circular concept, and instead of pursuing different design ideas such as “minimalist” or “classic” as before.

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Samsung designers have really refined this idea. circle to create a more unique and daring design. The essence of the Galaxy Watch: Both the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic share a single design. “The way the bezel wraps around the screen makes it easier to see information on the screen, and the smartwatch’s seamless strap provides a comfortable fit.” (Huang Li, designer, Kenzi Yamauchi, designer)Perfect aesthetics, perfect fit The Galaxy Watch4 connects easily and effortlessly to the watch body.

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Samsung’s designers have created a silhouette that serves as a frame for the circular bezel to further enhance the screen. The part of the body is of decisive importance, not only from an aesthetic point of view. but also provide an optimal fit for the user. its movement and other health-related information as it is in very close contact with the user’s body. Samsung’s designers focused on “monitoring” smartwatches and looked at various ways to improve the fit and stability of the watch for this purpose.

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The development process is the HWing belt. The HWing strap on the Galaxy Watch4 series connects to the display and securely attaches the sensors under the watch to the wearer’s wrist.This safety provides an ergonomic stable fit with greater precision for tasks such as measuring the user’s heart rate or electrocardiogram. Efficient Materials Samsung designers have made sure that the straps for the Galaxy Watch4 series meet the aesthetic expectations of users, as the resulting hybrid leather strap is carefully designed with two standards in mind. This standard:

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the outer part is made of leather and the inner part of the strap is made of sweat-resistant fluoroelastomer (FKM). The straps are made of different materials, they perfectly match with each other thanks to the uniform color scheme. “The material and color of the strap reflects the characteristics that the user wants to change.” (Jungsang Park, Designer, Sangsoo Lee, Designer) Colorful color is a design element that allows one to express oneself while bringing a product to life. Samsung designers design bands in a variety of colors based on the latest global trends to help users personalize their style.Galaxy Watch4

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