Now Galaxy A14 5G features FHD+ screen, and 13MP selfie camera, More


The Galaxy A14 5G features a huge battery that will last for days, a redesigned, high-quality selfie camera, and handy expandable storage. It also provides up to two generations of Android OS upgrades and up to four years of security patches. 

Its quick, dependable performance and trademark Galaxy features guarantee that customers have an amazing experience, from gaming and content creation to work and new health objectives.

“The latest device in Samsung’s Galaxy A series provides the typical Galaxy experience that users know and love,” says David Alonso, Business Director of MX at Samsung Electronics Iberia.


Modern design with versatile cameras and a super-smooth display

The newest member of the Galaxy A series is on the market with a trendy design and three eye-catching colour options: Black, Silver, and Light Green. The triple-lens back camera, combined with the Galaxy A14 5G’s 13MP front camera, capture exact moments more vividly and realistically for the best images by adding depth to details, colours, and subjects in every scene. It does, however, include an upgraded 6.6-inch FHD + screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz for more smoothness.


Galaxy A14 5G improved performance and enhanced security

Thanks to ultra-fast 5G connection, Galaxy A smartphones keep users more connected than ever. This makes it possible to play games via the cloud without installing them.

The Galaxy A14 5G comes with a huge battery and a 15W quick charging capacity. Through adaptive power saving, Samsung customers may get up to three days of battery life. It has two storage options: 64GB or 128GB internal storage, which can be expanded to 1TB with an extra microSD card.

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The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G has a new security and privacy panel that provides an easy and transparent new method to view how apps track data and easily disable undesired tracking.

Finally, thanks to Samsung’s great ecosystem and exclusive features such as Samsung Health, which tracks body composition, sleep patterns, and exercise regimen and is seamlessly synced with other devices such as the Galaxy Watch5, and the integration of third-party applications such as Google.

including the integration of Google Meet in the messaging and video calling functions to streamline collaboration, users will be able to enjoy a complete experience that will facilitate their daily routinization.

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