Now Samsung Unveils OLED Smartphone Display brightness Of 2,000 Nits


Samsung delivers the industry’s first ‘UDR (Ultra Dynamic Range)’ brightness performance after being verified by UL Solutions, a worldwide safety science organisation. Samsung smartphone OLED with UDR certification has proven to be an ultra-high-brightness device capable of up to 2,000 nits of brightness. At CES-2023, the business will highlight the superiority of smartphone OLED brightness.

At CES 2023, Samsung Display revealed that their smartphone OLED panel was the first in the market to get the maximum 2,000 nit brightness verification, the UDR (Ultra Dynamic Range) certification, from UL Solutions, a worldwide safety science organisation.

Samsung OLED Smartphone Display brightness2,000 Nits Unveils


For their smartphone OLED display, the firm received both UDR 1,500 and UDR 2,000. As the UDR designation denotes a panel’s brightness superiority, Samsung Display’s OLED display acquiring this mark demonstrates that it has been certified by a global leading verification company for ultra-high brightness capability (up to 1,500 or 2,000 nits).

Along with the popularity of ultra-high-definition video growing, a screen’s brightness range and capacity to sustain it have become one of the most important performance indicators for displays. The high-brightness products from Samsung Display have a more realistic quality with rich colour expression, which contributes to the user’s satisfaction.

Furthermore, because smartphones are commonly used both indoors and outdoors, the brightness of a smartphone screen is more essential than the brightness of TVs, monitors, and laptops. Samsung Display enhanced display brightness while preserving the efficiency of power usage and organic material for greater screen visibility on smartphones when used in daylight circumstances.

“The brightness of a display is a factor that has a significant impact on the customer experience of smartphone picture quality and performance,” said Hojung Lee, Head of the Product Planning Team for Display’s Small and Medium-sized Display Division. “Samsung Display will continue to dominate the industry with innovative products based on consumer-oriented technology, thanks to its distinct technology and commercial expertise in the OLED area.”

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