Now Pixel 7a hands-on leak reveals design changes


Regarding the Pixel Tablet leak last month, a 49-second hands-on video of a device rumoured to be the Pixel 7a has surfaced today.

We see a phone that appears quite similar to the smaller Pixel 7, however, the size and proportions, particularly of the camera cutout with respect to the bar, are significantly different. 

While, there does not appear Slashleaks to be a cutout to the left of the flash, which is not as near to the right edge as it could be. It corresponds to the renderings that were leaked in late November.

Pixel 7a hands-on leak


This smartphone is running Android 13 and is labelled as a “Pixel 7a” and a “DVT1.0” in the Settings app. It is further in the development process than an engineering validation test (EVT) unit as a design validation test. The device language is Vietnamese, as Google is increasingly looking to relocate Pixel hardware manufacturers to Vietnam. Notably, the A-series is already “Made in Vietnam,” with the Pixel 4a, 5a, and 6a being examples.


Display options reveal “Smooth Display” and the ability to automatically alter the refresh rate from 60Hz to 90Hz. This has been speculated for a year and would be a significant advance for the A-series. Speaking of the screen, you can see the larger bezels, which are considerably bigger than the ones on the 7.

Pixel-7a-leak-5 Pixel-7a-leak-3

The availability of several debug tools only available on internal/pre-release units adds to the authenticity of this Pixel 7a leak. The Pixel 7a is slated to be released earlier this year, maybe at I/O 2023 in May.

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Pixel-7a-leak-7 Pixel-7a-leak-6

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