Upcoming New Google Pixel 8 Leaks Confirm Significant Camera increase


Google Pixel phones were among the first to enable HDR+ photography, and according to rumours, the Pixel 8 series will go much farther.

The source code of the Google Camera Go app showed, according to Kuba Wojciechowski, that 2023 Pixels would include staggered HDR – a method that allows the sensor to capture multiple exposures simultaneously with the same pixels.

Google’s flagship Pixel 8 in 2023 will offer staggered HDR capability

Google now utilizes ISOCELL GN1 sensors in the Pixel 7 series, however, Samsung’s camera hardware does not allow staggered HDR. The Pixel 8 phones are expected to contain ISOCELL GN2, which is the most recent breakthrough in mobile high dynamic range photography.



Staggered HDR is superior to standard HDR since it gets the same effect in less time and without the blurriness that occurs when the device moves while capturing the photograph.

The Go app’s source code also disclosed a device dubbed Pixel Tangor Pro, which is effectively a Pro version of a Pixel Tablet. Google has yet to release a slate with the Pixel logo, but we might see not one, but two tablets soon.

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