A rumored Google Pixel foldable powered by Tensor may look like

 As news about the rumoured Google Pixel foldable has slowed down, for the time being, fresh insights regarding the device have appeared due to the newest Android 12L beta update.

Google Pixel foldable

9to5Google noticed references to the gadget dubbed “Pipit” when going through the code for Android 12L Beta 2. Animations illustrating how to install a SIM card into a foldable smartphone appear beside the references. In the first animation, a foldable is seen closed. With what looks to be a hinge on the left side, the gadget appears to have a larger aspect ratio than the Galaxy Z Fold 3
Google Pixel foldable

The next image depicts a similar animation, but this time with the device open. When compared to the taller Z Fold 3, the foldable looks to have a larger shape when opened. The design is compared to the newly introduced OPPO Find N, which writer Nick Sutrich praises for not requiring you to spin the smartphone to get the optimum fullscreen movie experience.

The animations are aesthetically similar to the SIM animations when setting up a new Pixel smartphone, which might lend validity to the graphic representing a potential foldable, according to Google. It’s conceivable, though, that it’s only a placeholder for a foldable Android smartphone.

Google’s foldable ambitions have been put on hold, potentially to tweak the design while keeping an eye on the foldable market, which is now controlled by Samsung. However, as Android 12L development continues, we may hear more about the reported gadget. After all, a Pixel foldable, along with the greatest foldable phones and tablets, is the goal product for Android 12L.

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