Apple New ‘xrOS’ wordmark AR/VR headset

Apple New ‘xrOS’ wordmark ARVR headset

Next month, according to rumors, Apple will unveil its first mixed-reality headset. we’ve heard a lot about this new gadget, but several elements, like its name and operating system, still need to be discovered. Apple has filed a wordmark with the same name as earlier this year’s “xrOS” trademark, indicating that the next platform will likely also go by that moniker.

Apple xrOS

The registration of the wordmark “xrOS” earlier this month was validated by the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office, as Parker Ortolani pointed out. A fake Apple corporation filed the application. The “xrOS” trademark had previously been registered by the same company in the country in January. As Apple is all about secrecy, it utilizes a few shell firms to file trademarks and patents for goods that have not yet been published so that they are not immediately linked to Apple in the event of leaks.


A wordmark has its own marketing stylization (unlike a straightforward trademark). In this instance, Apple’s San Francisco font is used for the wordmark “xrOS” which can be seen in the New Zealand registry. Apple’s other operating systems’ logos, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple performed a similar action the previous year under the “RealityOS” trademark and wordmark. With its new mixed reality platform, which will operate on the headset and other planned AR/VR devices, Apple was internally debating the names “realityOS” and “xrOS.”

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According to Bloomberg, Apple has decided to call its next headset platform “xrOS.” With the notion of integrating AR and VR, the name would be an allusion to “extended reality,” which makes sense. Moreover, the business owns trademark registrations for the terms “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor.”

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Apple Reality Pro

According to a recent Wall Street Journal story, on June 5, the first day of WWDC 2023, Apple is expected to make the Apple Reality Pro announcement. The headset’s many sensors and high-definition monitors will provide an immersive experience. High-resolution cameras will also be included so that users may interact with the actual environment via augmented reality.


headset will, be other scarce because of its complexity, and it is not hoped that it will be available before the Christmas shopping season. The first release of Apple Reality Pro is also expected to cost $3,000 in total. Also, according to WSJ, Apple is organizing a variety of developer-focused sessions at WWDC that will be “dedicated to the creation of the software for the new headset.”


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