Apple next generation AirPods Pro 2 announced
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Apple next generation AirPods Pro 2 announced

The airpods pro 2 is finally available, despite the fact that delayed a while to update the first airpods pro. With the H2 processor, Apple is delivering a new low-distortion driver and amp that can handle a wider range of sound frequencies. The side stems and in-ear silicone tips are still a part of the .

spatial audio apple surround sound tech is enhanced with the customised Spatial Audio feature. Using the actual depth camera on your creates a unique spatial sound profile for you depending on the size of your ears. Active noise cancellation (ANC) employs advanced computing audio, and microphone placement is altered. According to Apple, the second iPhone should have 2x greater noise cancellation than the original.

 next generation AirPods Pro 2 announced

Active noise cancellation (ANC)

Active noise cancellation

With its cutting-edge design and superb sound, AirPods revolutionised the wireless headphone market. Apple lifts the standard once again with the new airpods pro 2nd generation, according to Bob Borchers, vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple. With Personalised Spatial Audio and revolutionary audio capabilities like Adaptive Transparency, the new AirPods Pro offer even greater sound quality. Additionally, they offer a more engaging listening experience. The best-selling wireless headphones in the world just got better with up to double the noise-cancelling capability of their predecessor.

 new extra small ear tip

A new option called airpods pro 2 adaptive transparency listens for loud noises around you and eliminates them, for example, at construction sites, while reducing the impact once you are farther away and in a peaceful setting. apple force sensor control points now include more touch controls for volume adjustments.

AirPods listening experience

The battery is expected to last for six hours of listening time and thirty hours with the case. Thanks to UWB, the new charging case is compatible with the Find My service and has a speaker that can play high-pitched noises to aid in finding it. The case has a Lighting connector for charging, but it can also be wirelessly charged with any Qi, magsafe, or Apple Watch charger.

new AirPods Pro with an Apple Watch charger.

Additional Battery Life

For a total of up to six hours with Active Noise Cancellation, airpods pro 2 battery life provides 1.5 hours more listening time than the original version. Users may enjoy up to 30 hours of total listening time with Active Noise Cancellation using the case for four extra charges, which is an increase of six hours over the previous version.

Airpods pro 2nd generation specification

The price of the  is $249. Orders may be placed beginning on September 9, and open sales begin on September 23.

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