ASUS ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition First Look

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition

The ASUS ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition, which has a few design references to the caped crusader but looks to limit much of the tie-in to software-based themes and skins, is at least one member of its squad prepared to adorn a special edition device. This may or may not indicate a turn in DC’s fortune.

According to a source, images of the Asus ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition have appeared online. According to reports, the special edition smartphone mostly has new themes and only very minor rear panel design alterations. The alleged asus rog phone 6 batman edition may be seen with a Batman wallpaper in the image that has been posted. You can see the rear panel with a little altered colour scheme to go with the theme. Under the ROG logo, Batman is also inscribed on the phone.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition

asus rog phone 6 batman edition

Shades of blue and purple are employed on the rear of the asus rog phone 6 batman edition to draw attention to the lines there. At the rear, next to the ROG logo, is the name “Batman.” On the right side of the back panel, you can also see the logo for the “ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition.” The location of the button, the display’s chin and bezels, and the rear camera module all resemble the ROG Phone 6 in appearance.

asus rog phone 6 batman edition 1 asus rog phone 6 batman edition 2

The mobile industry has already partnered with Disney’s Marvel through its Cinematic Universe (MCU), with examples including Oppo’s Avengers-themed Reno5 Marvel Edition and a set of Avengers-adorned Galaxy cases. However, there hasn’t been much cross-promotion with rival DC Comics and its formerly more well-known stable of Justice League heroes.

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asus rog phone 6 batman edition 3 asus rog phone 6 batman edition 4

The impending ROG Phone 6D and 6D Ultimate, which we first saw last week and which use top-tier Dimensity silicon from MediaTek instead of its linemates Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPUs, should not be confused with this special edition of the several-month-old ROG Phone 6.

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