Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition by Caviar


It won’t be long until you hear about this one if you think the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro is expensive. A high-end jewellery manufacturer called Caviar has introduced an 18-karat customized version of the Vision Pro. Also, it has flip-down shades to “guard your privacy” and cover the controversial EyeSight feature.

The same manufacturer, Caviar, has previously given us gold-plated versions of various Apple products, such as numerous iPhone models, the AirPods Max, and many others. It’s a custom that dates back many years, and the Vision Pro is carrying on the heritage.

Introducing the Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition by Caviar

Apple Vision Pro has been taken by Caviar and completely wrapped in 18-karat gold. This contains the Digital Crown, the Digital Bondy’s edges, and different accessories surrounding the Head Band. Naturally, there is also a Rolls-Royce connection to this.


“The device’s headband is made of renowned Connolly leather, a supplier to Rolls-Royce and the British Royal Court. The best in the world, says Caviar, is soft and long-lasting and guarantees the owner’s complete comfort.

According to Caviar, “Apple Vision Pro CVR” is more than simply an upgraded version of Apple’s original. Vision Pro’s design places it “not only at the forefront of technology but also at the height of fashion,” drawing inspiration from items like Gucci ski masks and Tom Ford flip-up glasses.

Apple Vision Pro Flip-Up Glasses


Even so, it goes beyond that. Caviar has you covered if you don’t like the Vision Pro’s EyeSight feature, which shows a representation of your eyes on the outward-facing display for anyone nearby. The Vision Pro device created by Caviar has a flip-down shield that covers the external display and is unmistakably made of 18-carat gold.

According to the response of the general public, not everyone likes having their eyes seen on an external screen, the company claims. “If you want to, you can maintain your anonymity with Caviar’s version. Your decision is up to you.

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Rolls-Royce experience in VR

Did Caviar succeed with his pitch? If so, you should begin saving. Vision Pro from Apple, which looks pitiful, will debut “early 2024.” Caviar anticipates releasing its gold-enhanced version in the fall of 2024.

24 units will be made available by the company for an “approximate price” of $39,900. When you consider that it could have cost $40,000, that seems like a great deal.

Aside from money, you may also want to start strengthening your neck. I anticipate that the Vision Pro’s gold-plated design will make it nearly impossible to use, given how heavy it already is.

It’s unknown if Caviar will also offer the external battery pack for the Vision Pro in a gold-plated version.


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