Apple Watch Series 3 A Smart Connector used with the bracelet was found on the prototype

A picture of an Apple Watch Series 3 prototype was posted online, possibly with a unique smart connector. Hidden connection ports are a common feature of Apple Watch, allowing Apple to easily run internal diagnostics and other internal tests.

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The prototype was shared by Gilio Zompetti, who pointed out that there are two unhidden ports, very similar to the Smart Connector on the Apple iPad, but much smaller. Over the years, Apple Watch has evolved from a simple device to a powerful wearable device. In some cases, it can provide various health and fitness data and alerts.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Apple Watch got hotter. In a device that can predict a coronavirus outbreak a few days before symptoms appear. Apple’s official source Zompetti said on his Twitter that for the prototype, he said that the prototype was the prototype of the Apple Watch 3 that the company was testing at the time. It can be seen from the prototype images that Apple is making, which includes a pair of smart connectors that can be used to measure blood pressure.

The connector is located where the bracelet is, which means it will work with the smart bracelet to perform this function.However, the optical principle of how the blood pressure sensor interacts with the smart bracelet is unclear, because the informant did not provide any further information in this direction. Apple is preparing to release Watch Series 7, but we are not sure whether it will be released. This function becomes a model.

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