Apple Watch Ultra during durability test

Apple Watch Ultra during durability test
Apple Watch Ultra during durability test

This year, Apple added the durable Watch Ultra to its range with an eye toward sports and outdoor lovers. To find out how much abuse the device could withstand, YouTuber TechRax, who enjoys smashing electronic devices, put it through a series of torturous tests.

The Apple Watch Ultra is fundamentally similar to the Watch Series 8 but costs $400 more and adds features including a larger 49mm titanium casing, a sapphire glass display, a configurable Action button, an alarm siren, longer battery life, and improved water resistance.

apple watch Ultra durability test

Apple Watch Ultra during durability test

The Apple Watch Ultra should ideally be resistant to a range of situations. How long does it last? TechRax quickly dropped the watch on its face, and while the screen did not break, the titanium casing did suffer minor scratches.

Apple Watch Ultra during durability test

The YouTuber then placed the Apple Watch Ultra in a jar filled with nails and vigorously shook it to simulate a trek in rough terrain. The watch band got soiled, but the watch body was unharmed.

The watch was placed on a table for the last test, during which it was repeatedly struck with a hammer. The table started to show indications of damage after the sixth strike, and it wasn’t until the eleventh strike that the display went out and stopped working, but even then, the screen was still intact, and it took a few more strikes to break the screen and damage the back.

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