CES 2022 showcases Samsung Flex S and Flex G foldable Display panels.

People are already asking what will happen next, even if foldable smartphones aren’t yet commonplace. Samsung’s current smartphones only fold down the middle once. What if the panels could be bi-fold or even tri-fold.

Samsung Flex S and Flex G screens

That would undoubtedly be the stuff of fantasies. It will provide mobile devices with a whole new level of adaptability. Samsung has been working on this for quite some time. At CES 2022, the business showed us a peek of the future with its Flex S and Flex G screens.

A multi-foldable product may be made with the Flex S panel. The bi-folding panel unfolds into an “S” form, providing for a substantial increase in screen space. It offers unrivalled versatility, allowing consumers to use a device like a smartphone, tablet, or AI device by separating the display depending on how the gadget is folded.

The Flex G panel was designed for inward-folding multi-foldable items. The display is shielded from external damage or scratches thanks to the panel’s distinctive “G” shape. This in-folding idea has other advantages as well, such as making the gadget more portable because it can be folded twice.

at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Samsung Display gave us a first peek at these panels. We’ve already seen several Samsung patents outlining similar concepts, but seeing everything in person was incredible. It remains to be seen if these screens will make their way into Samsung handsets. Many of you may agree that it should happen as soon as possible.


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