[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

Our daily routines take place in our houses. In a house, we prepare meals, relax and unwind, care for our pets and family, and reminisce. Customers may now transform a home into a connected area that adapts to and improves their unique lifestyles thanks to technological advancements. While it is more important than ever to turn a house into a home, Samsung Electronics‘ SmartThings Home Life offers a comprehensive administration to help customers’ lives easier and more pleasant everyday lives.

A Home Automation System

Samsung SmartThings Household Life connects numerous home products, such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, to provide a more intelligent and seamless experience. Users can control all of their home appliances more easily than ever before by just chatting to Bixby. In the SmartThings app, for example, automating your daily routines is simple and straightforward. You can avoid the headache of repeating daily chores like manually tweaking the settings for loads of laundry or turning on the air purifier every time you open a window by setting these actions as Routines in the app. SmartThings Home Life’s personalised home service, built particularly for you, may now help you live a better, smarter life every day. Continue reading to discover how SmartThings Home Life can make every circumstance in your life smarter, safer, and more convenient.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

Enjoy a Delectable Dinner for One

After a particularly tedious week at work, I decided to treat myself to some pork tenderloin. When I arrive home, I’m not sure what I’m going to make, so I say, “Hello there Bixby, find me some ideas with hamburger tenderloin.” After hearing a few options, I choose the one that seems the most pleasant and begin cooking right away. The key to this recipe, according to Bixby, is to properly boil the meat. To burn the tenderloin to medium, I use the Sensor, Cook. When I start using the acceptance, the kitchen hood automatically comes on, so I can finish cooking without worrying about any lingering odours in the home. I recognise that I am not a gourmet expert, but I have a unique perspective on how to prepare a perfectly charred steak.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

I open the window to let the spring breeze in before I start eating. As I dish my meal, SmartThings Cooking recommends a wine to go with the steak, and the air purifier activates after analysing the air coming in via the window. I took a sip of wine after photographing my most memorable well-made meal. Perhaps the exhaustion from a difficult week simply fades.

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Cooking with SmartThings

SmartThings Cooking is a service that enables any client to prepare meals like a professional gourmet chef. Clients may solely focus on cooking without having to hunt through formula books while taking care of food, thanks to an intelligent cooking guide that peruses out plans and sends directions to kitchen apparatuses. Clients can recognise outstanding cooking by just checking the standardised tag on a feast unit, which goes a long way toward comfort. Through connected kitchen devices, SmartThings Cooking will aid consumers in preparing their meals. SmartThings Cooking may also offer alternative plans and capacity ways by filtering the markings on meat bundles. Customers may also inspect wine labels in order to save them to a wine list, keep track of their supply, and get notifications.

Air Care with SmartThings

SmartThings Air Care is a service that provides a complete air care solution using your home’s devices, such as temperature control systems and air purifiers. With the Air Quality Keeper, you can just inhale as it monitors and controls the air quality in your house. In view of the present situation, the app also recommends air filtering strategies to maintain good indoor air quality. Clients may always enjoy fresh, breathable air without ever opening a window or pressing a button, whether they’re relaxing in the front room on a dusty day or putting up a gala in the kitchen.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

From afar, take care of your pet

I don’t always have the choice to make it home on time these days due to a major project at work. I’m worried about Max, my cat, who has started spending more time alone at home. Fortunately, whenever I miss him, I can check in on him using the SmartThings programme. Previously, the app had warned me that Max yapped a lot while he was alone, but these concerns faded once he completed the vet’s training sessions. I’m proud of him for doing so well at home without any assistance. In the evenings, I use the programme to turn on the lights and turn on the TV so Max doesn’t feel lonely. Today appears to be another day where I’ll be staying at work later than necessary.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

A SmartThings Home Care notice appears out of nowhere at my parents’ house. I use my parent’s Jet Bot AI camera to look around and discover that my mother has tripped on the kitchen floor. I phone her right away, and she says she called for aid when she fell and couldn’t get up for a bit. Fortunately, she claims she did not cause any harm. I’ll set aside some time this weekend to pay her a visit with Max.

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Pet Care with SmartThings

SmartThings Pet Care creates a customised environment for every pet using your connected home devices. Your forced-air system, for example, may be tuned to an optimal temperature based on your pet’s breed, and your air purifier can remove your pet’s fur from the air. Clients may also use the TV or music to stay with their dogs while they are away from everyone else at home, creating a consistent and safe environment for the pet no matter where the owner is. Clients can also receive notifications when their pets bark or review the notice history to see any possible signs of fearing abandonment.

Home Care with SmartThings

The Family Care management of SmartThings Household Care creates the impression that everything is OK in any home. When the Jet Bot AI detects a relative shouting, “Hello Bixby, if it’s not too much trouble, help,” it immediately alerts the following family. Clients may then utilise the robot vacuum cleaner’s camera to scan around the house or contact another relative for assistance in dealing with the situation. SmartThings Home Care’s Family Care administration, which puts security first, can help alleviate concerns about abandoning any relatives in the house.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

Maintain the Longevity of Your Golf Clothes

I enjoy spending each of my Sundays playing golf with my friends. Following a round of golf, I usually return home and store my brand new golf shoes in the ShoeDresser to keep them in tip-top shape. Because the shoes are comfortable, I need to keep them in good condition so that I may use them the next time I play 18 holes. After cleaning my shoes, I head to the locker room and put my golf clothes in the hairdresser. SmartThings Clothing Care recommends a wash cycle for my golf shirts and pants based on their texture. ‘My Golf Care’ is the name I give this cycle. After that, I use the time I’ve saved to organise the rest of my belongings. I always feel re-energized after playing golf at the end of the week, and it provides me with enough energy to start another week.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

Clothing Care using SmartThings

SmartThings Clothing Care is a tool that makes caring for your clothes enjoyable and easy. The assistant learns your own preferences based on the time, day, and weather. SmartThings Clothing Care then suggests correct clothing consideration suggestions for the washer, dryer, AirDresser, and ShoeDresser that are appropriate for your garments and shoes. This service provides complete, coordinated closet maintenance based on the usage or purpose of each component. Frequently, focusing on clothing in an acceptable manner is a difficult task. By storing and labelling these outfit ideas as an automated course in the SmartThings app, you can ensure that your clothing lasts without having to remember all of the tiny details.

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[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

Spring Cleaning is a great way to celebrate the arrival of the new season

As the weather grows hotter, I continue to prepare for the new season by doing some spring cleaning. I begin by planting a few flowers and cleaning my coverings for the cooler months. The SmartThings app had informed me to replace my air purifier channels a few days before. The channels arrived just in time, so I replaced them right away. I’m feeling very useful now that I’ve completed a major task on my spring cleaning to-do list. The residue is then vacuumed away on all sides of my house. I celebrate a magnificent piece of craftsmanship by resting down on my couch with a glass of cool water, thoroughly rejuvenated. I’m looking forward to the upcoming spring season.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

Home Care with SmartThings

SmartThings Home Care is a service that not only monitors your Samsung home equipment but also responds to and helps avoid issues by anticipating them. When the weather gets suddenly cold, the app, for example, gives you an early freeze danger notice. It also includes a defrost guide and suggests that when the weather heats up, you employ your air conditioner’s diagnostic features. In addition, the service monitors the status of any replaceable components in real-time, notifying you when a replacement is needed and expediting the replacement procedure. Users can troubleshoot home appliance issues without depending on a professional with SmartThings Home Care’s courteous chatbot assistance and step-by-step response guide.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

For a better tomorrow, save energy today

I’m committed to environmental preservation and use a tumbler instead of a throwaway cup, an eco-bag instead of plastic bags, and a vegan diet. I’ve recently started looking at different methods to lessen my carbon footprint, and one of them has been reducing the energy use of my home appliances. With SmartThings Energy, I can see how much energy each device consumes, adjust it, and get energy-saving advice for my most frequently used devices. The AI Saving Mode, which automatically switches my devices to Energy Saving Mode before they hit a predetermined consumption threshold, is the best feature. I hope that my efforts, no matter how insignificant, will contribute to the construction of a better future.

[Design Story] SmartThings Home Life

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