First look at Nothing Ear 2 Buds; Personalized ANC will offered


Nothing is once again making headlines as Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced that Nothing Phone 2 will be “more premium” and go on sale in the latter half of 2023. Away from all of this, we managed to get our hands on product pictures for the Nothing Ear 2 Buds as well as all the feature information.

The Nothing Ear 2 is the replacement for the Nothing Ear 1 TWS (true wireless) earbuds, which stood out for their distinctive see-through design and superior sound quality considering their low price.

Check out these Nothing Ear 2 photos in high resolution:


The Nothing ear 2 TWS could be introduced much earlier than the Nothing Phone 2. Steve H. McFly, a trustworthy and well-known tipster, granted us exclusive access to Nothing Ear 2 render images (aka Onleaks). The Nothing ear (2) images show slight exterior changes to the audio wearable.

NOTHING-Ear-2-05 NOTHING-Ear-2-02

What changed in design between the Nothing Ear 1 and Nothing Ear 2 buds?

The only visible difference in the adjustment, however, is The noise-cancelling microphone, which was formerly at the top and has since been moved to be close to the red colour marking on the front, was not moved by the Nothing Team. Small changes have been made to the internal components that are visible (highlighted yellow and orange).

Nothing-Ear-1-Buds-vs-Nothing-Ear-2-Buds NOTHING-Ear-2-06

Nothing Has Ear 2 Buds

Nothing won’t necessarily change the design, but it will update the feature set. Personalized ANC will be included with the Nothing Ear Buds 2. This indicates that a user will be free to customize the noise suppression setting to suit his or her preferences.

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Transparency Mode will be available as well. The Nothing Ear 2 Buds will also feature dual connectivity, allowing the user to quickly switch between two devices when it is connected to two at once. Nothing is also enhancing the Find Earbuds Feature and custom settings’ support for Advanced EQ.

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