Fitbit’s new app design look 


It looked last fall like Fitbit would upgrade its Android and iOS applications in conjunction with the Pixel Watch. Even so, Fitbit has already taken screenshots of the redesign, and a picture of the “new app design” has now surfaced.

The “new app design summary.jpg” picture from a “How do I use the Fitbit app?” help article depicts the iOS version. The Today feed has not meaningfully changed except for the stat completion rings adopting a new shape, a tweak not found on the previous redesign screenshots that appeared on Google Play and the App Store. This does not apply to the topmost stats, just those found in the card form below.


We don’t see the bottom bar in the center image, but the navigation element appears in the left and right pictures. Today is now the center tab (with two different icons, curiously), while the Discover tab is no longer a list of carousels. Instead, you get wide cover images that prominently link to health tools such as:

  • Health & Wellness Data – Track your weight, heart rate, sleep, and more with new capabilities added Today.
  • Programs with guidance Get closer to your objectives with professional advice, well-organized plans, and strategies.

We also get a look at the Community tab. It’s not drastically different from the UI available today.


Screenshots of the new design first appeared on the Play Store and App Store in October, alongside the Wear OS interface. Updating the store listings implied a near-final nature. They were pulled from both app stores in late January. One possibility is that it was supposed to launch alongside the Pixel Watch, but Fitbit wasn’t able to meet that deadline.

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The new image gives more credence to the idea that this is the intended design. In that case, we’re left with something that isn’t radically different from what’s available today. The changes might be more structural and under the hood, with Fitbit just laying the groundwork for adding new capabilities in the future.

As we’ve previously written, Fitbit for Android and iOS would benefit from a redesign that brings it in line with other Google apps. Material You and other changes would be nice, but I’d definitely settle for the dark theme of the current look at this point.


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