Galaxy S23 FE may be released later this year


The Galaxy S21 FE did not do as well, in part because of its higher pricing, as the Galaxy S20 FE did. Samsung decided not to release the Galaxy S22 FE last year because of semiconductor scarcity and the global economic downturn. Nevertheless, according to sources, the South Korean company will introduce the Galaxy S23 FE later this year.

The second half of 2023 will see the release of a new Galaxy S Fan Edition smartphone from Samsung, according to the South Korean daily Hankooki. Many people were unsure whether Samsung would continue to offer its Fan Edition models, but according to a recent source, the company will instead introduce the Galaxy S23 FE and omit the Galaxy A74. Furthermore, compared to the Galaxy S21 FE, which was only released in a few Asian nations, Europe, and the US, the South Korean company may offer the Galaxy S23 FE in more nations this year.

Samsung can discontinue the Galaxy A74 in order to boost sales of the Galaxy S23 FE

It appears that Samsung was able to sell more than 10 million examples of the Galaxy S20 FE. The Galaxy S21 FE performed poorly in contrast. Even the Galaxy A73 had poor sales with only 3 million units sold. To prevent sales cannibalization between Galaxy products, the business is therefore carefully preparing its smartphone lineup. To increase sales of the Galaxy S23 FE, it is said that the business will forego the Galaxy A74.

The Exynos 2300 processor is reportedly not going to be used in this rumoured Galaxy S23 FE, despite the fact that nothing about it has been revealed. Samsung may therefore choose to either employ the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy or the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 from the previous year. Apart from the CPU, we hope that Samsung also upgrades the cameras with the Galaxy S23 FE.

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