Galaxy Z Fold4: The Powerhouse of Multitasking

Galaxy Z Fold4: The Powerhouse of Multitasking

According to Samsung, the first and second generations of the Galaxy Z established the foldable market, while the third generation Z Fold put more emphasis on enhancing S Pen support, durability, and multitasking. With improved ergonomics, many more productivity capabilities, and noticeable camera advancements, the fourth Fold in the series has now been released.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has exactly the same width when closed as its predecessor, measuring 67.1mm, but it is 3.1mm shorter. However, Samsung was able to make the cover display 2.7mm broader thanks to smaller bezels. This reduces its lanky 24.5:9 aspect ratio to a more sensible (albeit still tall) 23:9.

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Although it boasts bigger screens, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is generally smaller than its predecessor. The latest model is 2mm wider when it is opened, but again, a smaller bezel allowed the manufacturer to include a 3.1mm bigger display. The foldable is also 8g lighter, weighing in at 263g, and measures 6.3mm when opened and 15.8mm when closed (as opposed to 6.4mm and 16mm).

Galaxy Z Fold4 powerhouse of a device

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with refined displays and better cameras

Keep it open for the time being. The aspect ratio has changed to 6:5, while the display’s diagonal size remains 7.6″. (vs. 6.2:5). As previously, this display boasts a typical brightness of 1,000 nits and an adjustable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. With a greater pixel density, the region above the under-display camera is less noticeable.

Let’s take a deeper look at the rest of the phone before returning to the inner display because there are a lot of productivity and entertainment options to discuss.

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Gorilla Glass Victus+ has been used to protect the back panel and cover display, which is both constructed from Armor Aluminum. The Galaxy Z Fold4 water resistance is certified as IPX8 (it can be submerged in 1.5m of fresh water for up to 30 minutes). Independent testing has confirmed that both of the new Z phones can fold up to 200,000 times.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with refined displays and better cameras

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ serve as inspiration for the back’s triple camera. It has a primary module with a 50MP resolution and a bigger, 23% greater light-capturing sensor. Enhancements to OIS and EIS are also part of the camera enhancements.

Galaxy Z Fold4 With a 3x optical magnification (up from 2x), the new 10MP telephoto camera brings objects closer, and the digital “Space Zoom” can go up to 30x. Not much changed with the 12MP ultrawide camera. As a point of comparison, the Z Fold3 has three 12MP cameras.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 camera on the cover display is a 10MP unit (f/2.2) and the under-display camera still relies on binning to output 4MP images (f/1.8).

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with refined displays and better cameras

Some unusual shooting settings are made possible by the folding form factor. For instance, as you zoom in, a “zoom map” will appear on half of the screen, making it simpler for you to frame your photo. Both you and your subject can see the picture before you press the shutter button thanks to the dual preview’s two screens.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with a 12GB RAM and the effective and strong Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU. Storage options are 256GB or 512GB; a 1TB option is only offered by 

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with refined displays and better cameras

4,400mAh is the same as previously for the battery capacity. Although the charging method uses the same 25W, the Z Fold3 only reached 33% in our tests, whereas the previous model’s charge time was 30 minutes to go from a dead battery to 50%. In addition, 15W wireless charging is enabled.

To offer a much better software experience, Samsung collaborated with its partners and developed independently. There is now a Taskbar on the bottom that looks like a PC (similar to DeX), giving you quick access to your favourite programmes, recently used apps and even app combinations.

The new Taskbar speeds up multitasking

Galaxy Z Fold4 For instance, you can simultaneously use Facebook and Facebook Messenger (or even three or more apps at a time). Your whole timeline as well as the menu will be displayed on Facebook, which has been optimised for the 7.6″ screen.

Facebook has been optimized to make better use of the large display

YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and Microsoft Teams are optimized to make the best out of the foldable form factor. Some apps especially like the large inner display, e.g. Microsoft’s Outlook, Office and Teams as well as Google’s Meet offer tablet-like functionality.

Popular streaming services and video conference apps have been optimized for the large 7.6'' display

In Flex Mode, the phone can be folded in half to resemble a laptop. With this, you may use video calling without a tripod (although there is a case with a built-in kickstand). The Flex Mode TouchPad, which converts the bottom half of the screen into a touchpad and shortcuts bar, will be useful for apps that don’t natively support Flex Mode.

Text extraction is a new skill that the S Pen has picked up. If you are looking at someone’s contact information and have their address saved, you can easily launch Google Maps by selecting the address with the stylus and dragging it there. Similar to copying and pasting, but with the simplicity and accuracy of S Pen.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with refined displays and better camerasSamsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with refined displays and better cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will be offered shortly, with the 12/256GB model costing $1,800/€1,800 (the 12/512GB model costs €1,920, and the 12GB/1TB model costs €2,160). Pre-orders are already being accepted; the first items will ship on August 25. The Z Fold4 will come with a free RAM upgrade with early purchases, as we indicated while discussing the storage possibilities. Additionally, the price might be reduced by up to $1,000 with the correct trade-in. A Standing Cover with a Pen case will be provided by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 unveiled with refined displays and better cameras

At launch, three colours are offered: the dependable Phantom Black, the fresh Beige, and Grey-green, the defining hue of this generation.


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