Early in 2023, Google Fiber will introduce better internet options

Early in 2023, Google Fiber will introduce better internet options

Customers may already signed up for Google Fiber internet services, but there is clearly space for improvement. Google Fiber promises to give substantially faster internet to individuals who need it and can afford to pay more than $100 per month, beginning more than ten years ago with the 1 Gig plan and continuing in 2020 with the 2 Gig plan.

This Thursday, Google carrier revealed plans to deploy two new internet tiers, Gig 5 and Gig 8, in early 2023. Both future plans will include a Wi-Fi 6 router, up to two mesh extenders, and expert installation, as well as symmetrical upload and download speeds (up to 5 Gig or 8 Gig, respectively).

For $125 per month for 5 Gig and $150 per month for 8 Gig, the two new plans will be made accessible. However, stability is more important to those searching for these expensive services than speed, so let’s hope their plans provide both.

Google Fiber introduce better internet options


When 2 Gig successfully met many gamers and power streamers, 5 Gig and 8 Gig were intended for even heavier internet users – creative professionals, persons working in the cloud or with enormous amounts of data, and households with high shared online demands. People that develop and use enormous files require the capacity to move them quickly. It’s useful to know that there’s less latency between hitting submit and making anything happen for individuals that operate in the cloud or in real-time, such as with financial transactions.

We’ve got excellent news if you’re hoping to get one of the two better plans when Google Fiber introduces them early in 2019. Customers of Google Fiber will be able to test out the new plans as early as next month, particularly in Utah, Kansas City, and West Des Moines.

Of course, you’ll need to register if you want to get the chance to test 5 Gig and 8 Gig in your location before everyone else. According to Google Fiber, further information on who is qualified for these programmes will be released soon.


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