Google Pixel 7 Pro has been benchmarked earlier of release

Google Pixel 7 Pro has been benchmarked earlier of release

According to 91Mobiles Contributor Yogesh Brar, the Google Pixel 7 Pro has been benchmarked. The Geekbench and AnTuTu results were released on Twitter, showing modest improvements in scores compared to the first-generation Tensor SoC.

According to Brar, the Tensor G2 in the Pixel 7 Pro will continue to produce results equivalent to the Snapdragon 888/888+. This looks to confirm the Tensor G2 leak’s minor increase in clock speeds last month. The new chipset is projected to significantly increase ISP (image signal processing) and machine learning and AI capabilities of the SoC.

Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmarked


According to the speculations so far, the Tensor G2 will be an improved version of the original Tensor chip. With the Tensor G2, we anticipate seeing increased thermal performance, modem connection and stability, and overall battery durability.


Benchmarks are generally concerned with peak performance rather than everyday use cases, and most phones have more power than the average user need. As a result, this is unlikely to prevent the Pixel 7 Pro from being the greatest phone of the year.

Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmarked_03 Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmarked_02 Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmarked_01

Gadgetfull BD, naturally, did not spend much time on the phone’s design because they already have a full unboxing video online. Aside from that, the phone has already been publicly leaked, and Google has published official photographs, so we know it will look similar to the current model.


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