Google Pixel 8 Pro promo video leaks

The last time we saw live images of the Pixel 8 Pro was in July, and now a marketing promo film has revealed the device’s availability in blue and with an “Audio Magic Eraser” feature.

A 14-second footage that has been altered and oddly coloured was shared earlier today by a brand-new “EZ” X/Twitter account. Like in promotional videos from the previous year, “G Pixel” is branded in the top-left corner.

It appears that the Google Photos video editor includes the Audio Magic Eraser. After a brief period of time spent identifying the noises in a clip, sliders are provided for “Noise,” “People,” and “Music.” To lessen sound, you may drag left or right, much like with other Google Photos filters.

The taglines for this little film are “The only phone with Audio Magic Eraser” and “The only phone engineered by Google,” both of which are already in use.

Speaking of branding, it is obvious that Google is capitalizing on Magic Eraser’s success. In still images, that tool already functions to remove people or objects and alter colors using the camouflage mode.

Finally, a photo of the Pixel 8 Pro in a shade of light blue that isn’t too far from the Sea on the Pixel 7a (displayed below) is shown. We see the camera bar with the pill-shaped cutout that unites the three lenses. The temperature sensor and flash are to its right, and they can just barely be seen out against the camera bar. The metal appears to have a satin finish and is not very polished in this photograph. We can also see the Pixel 8 Pro’s very rounded edges earlier in the video.

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pratik patil

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