Introducing Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, a new era in mobile AI


The Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Series were announced by Samsung Electronics, unleashing new mobile experiences powered by Galaxy AI. The Galaxy S series ushers in a new age that will irreversibly alter the way that mobile devices provide consumers with more power. Nearly every experience on the Galaxy S24 series is enhanced by AI, from maximizing creative freedom with Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine to facilitating barrier-free communication through intelligent text and call translations. AI even sets a new standard for search, revolutionizing how Galaxy users explore their surroundings.


“The Galaxy S24 series ignites the next decade of mobile innovation and transforms our connection with the world,” stated Samsung Electronics President and Head of Mobile Experience (MX) Business TM Roh. Galaxy AI is based on our history of innovation and in-depth knowledge of user behaviour on mobile devices. We are thrilled to observe how Galaxy AI is enabling our users all around the world to create new opportunities in their daily lives.

Galaxy AI Enhance Normal Experiences

In the introduction of significant intelligence, Galaxy AI seeks to improve all aspects of life, particularly communication, which is the phone’s primary function. The Galaxy S24 makes it simpler than ever to overcome linguistic hurdles when necessary. Have a conversation with a foreign student or coworker. While on vacation abroad, make a reservation. With Live Translate, two-way, real-time phone call audio and text translations within the native app, all of this is feasible. Conversations remain secret thanks to on-device AI, and no third-party applications are needed.

People positioned across from one another can read a written transcription of one other’s remarks by using an Interpreter to interpret live discussions instantaneously on a split screen. It even functions without WiFi or cellular data.


Chat Assist may assist in fine-tuning conversational tones for messages and other applications so that communication sounds as intended, such as a courteous message to a colleague or a succinct and memorable statement for a social media caption. The Samsung Keyboard’s AI feature translates messages into 13 different languages in real-time. Android Auto5 enables you to stay connected while maintaining your attention on the road by automatically summarizing incoming messages and suggesting pertinent responses and activities, such as emailing someone your ETA.

Samsung Notes’ Note Assist feature, which includes AI-generated summaries, template generation to simplify notes with pre-made forms, and cover design to make notes simple to notice with a quick preview, also greatly improves organization. Transcript Assist utilizes speech-to-text and artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe, summarize, and even interpret audio recordings with multiple speakers.

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The Galaxy S24 series expands upon the core advantages of the phone beyond communication. Almost every element of life has changed as a result of online searches. The Galaxy S24 is the first phone to include Google’s simple, gesture-driven Circle to Search, making it a significant milestone in the history of search. With only a gesture, Galaxy opened up new avenues of discovery for its consumers by collaborating with Google, the global leader in search, to provide them with an amazing new tool. Users may circle, highlight, annotate, or touch anything on the Galaxy S24’s screen to receive beneficial, high-quality search results by long pressing the home button.

When a buddy posts a picture of a stunning landmark on social media or discovers a startling fun fact on YouTube Shorts, it may instantly lead to an accurate search to find out more without requiring them to leave the app. Additionally, generative AI-powered overviews for certain queries can offer useful context and information gathered from around the web, and users can ask more in-depth and sophisticated inquiries based on their location. It is that simple. That’s epic, too.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild and Explore the World in Unique Ways

The ProVisual Engine of the Galaxy S24 series is a full suite of AI-powered tools that optimizes creative freedom and revolutionizes picture capture at every stage, from framing a photo to posting it on social media. The blurry, distorted photos from long ago are long gone. Using an Adaptive Pixel Sensor, the Quad Tele System of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which has a new 5x optical zoom lens, enables optical-quality performance at zoom levels ranging from 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x magnification. This is made possible by the 50MP sensor. Images with improved digital zoom also display incredibly clear results at 100x.

Even at a high clarity, images and videos captured with the Galaxy S24 Space Zoom’s enhanced Nightography feature look amazing. The increased 1.4 μm pixel size of the Galaxy S24 Ultra—60% greater than the previous model—allows you to capture more light in low light. With larger optical image stabilizer (OIS) angles and improved hand-shake correction, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has less blur.


Both the front and back cameras have dedicated ISP blocks for noise reduction during filming, and the Galaxy S24 uses gyro information analysis to discern between the subject’s and the filmmaker’s movements. This makes it possible to reduce noise in movies even at great distances and to see them clearly in the dark.

Innovative Galaxy AI editing features allow for basic tweaks like erasure, re-compose, and remastering once fantastic photos are taken. Edit Suggestion leverages Galaxy AI to make appropriate adjustments and suggestions for every photo, making improvements simpler and more effective. Generative Edit may employ generative AI to fill in portions of an image’s backdrop, giving users even more artistic flexibility and control.

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Artificial Intelligence will fill in the boundaries of an uneven image. AI allows users to modify the subject’s position and creates a flawlessly blended backdrop in the original location when an object needs to be moved slightly to be in the ideal area. When Galaxy S24 uses generative AI to enhance a picture, a watermark will show up in the image’s metadata. Additionally, the new Instant Slow-mo feature may create extra frames based on motions to easily slow down action-packed moments for a closer look if a fast-paced movie has to be slowed down.

Super HDR provides lifelike previews before the shutter is even touched, ensuring every picture dazzles at every turn. Sharing memories with the world is equally as important as preserving them, even if collecting memories is an indispensable phone function. Third-party social applications can take full advantage of the AI-powered camera system on the Galaxy. To elevate social sharing, premium photographic features from the Galaxy S series now seamlessly connect with mobile applications in HDR. Photos and videos are also shown in Super HDR for a more realistic range of brightness, color, and contrast by assessing prominent sections of the photographs when it comes time to locate an image in the Gallery or Instagram feed and reels.

Most Intelligent Experience in History for Galaxy, Driven by Superior Performance

AI is becoming more and more integrated into daily life, and performance power needs to keep up with the demands. intensive video editing and recording. planning a vacation by hopping between five different applications. The Galaxy S24’s improved CPU, display, and other components let it perform brilliantly on every work. Support for the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy is included with every Galaxy S24 Ultra. With incredible NPU advancement, this chipset is specifically optimized for Galaxy users to handle AI very efficiently. Moreover, 1-120 Hz adjustable refresh rates increase performance efficiency in all three Galaxy S24 models.

Thanks to advancements in both hardware and software, gaming on the Galaxy is more potent. The Galaxy S24 Ultra has an ideal thermal control system that maximizes sustained performance power and improves device surface temperature with a 1.9-times bigger vapor chamber. Realistic images with excellent shadow and reflection effects are made possible via ray tracing. Additionally, the Galaxy S24 lets customers experience more optimized versions of well-known international mobile games thanks to partnerships with top gaming companies.

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On the brightest Galaxy display ever, the visuals are more vivid and fascinating. With Vision Booster, the Galaxy S24 achieves a peak brightness of 2,600 nits and improves outdoor visibility.

Corning® Gorilla® Armor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display is optically improved and exhibits exceptional resilience against scratches from daily usage. It ensures a seamless, pleasant viewing experience by significantly reducing reflection by up to 75% in various lighting settings.

Design improvements with fewer and more balanced bezels throughout the Galaxy S24 series allow for greater screen sizes on the 6.7-inch and 6.2-inch screens of the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 within almost the same dimensions, making it simpler to fully immerse yourself in any watching experience. The 6.8-inch flatter display of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is designed for both work and watching. Additionally, the Galaxy S24+ now supports QHD+ at the same level as the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Enhances User Trust and Choice with Advanced Security and Privacy

The defense-grade, multi-layer security platform Samsung Knox, which is integrated into the Galaxy S24, preserves sensitive data and wards off threats with real-time threat detection, end-to-end secure hardware, and collaborative protection.

In the age of artificial intelligence, Samsung is still dedicated to giving customers choice and control over their devices. With the Advanced Intelligence settings on the Galaxy S24, customers can completely manage how much of their data is used to improve AI experiences. This includes the ability to stop data from being processed online for AI features.

Passkeys further the Knox Matrix vision of a passwordless, connected, and secure future. By providing digital credentials for easy and safe access to a user’s registered websites and applications on all of their trusted devices, passkeys aid in thwarting phishing assaults. When users backup, sync, or restore their data using Samsung Cloud, Enhanced Data Protection provides end-to-end encryption. This feature enables Galaxy S24 users to connect to other devices while maintaining sync and security.


This ensures that, even if a server is attacked or account credentials are taken, the data can only be encrypted or decrypted on the user’s devices, ensuring that only the user may view it. Additionally, a recovery code can assist stop data loss if access to a trusted device is lost. Samsung’s long list of cutting-edge security and privacy features, which includes Knox Vault, Security & Privacy Dashboard, Auto Blocker, Secure Wi-Fi, Private Share, Maintenance Mode, and more, safeguards the Galaxy S24 as well.

Samsung is committed to prolonging the lifespan of its products, and its latest flagship is no exception. It offers seven generations of OS upgrades and seven years of security updates, ensuring that consumers can consistently enjoy their Galaxy devices’ optimal performance for an extended period. Finally, The Carbon Trust has tested and confirmed the carbon footprint of the Galaxy S24, and it has received UL ECOLOGO® certification.


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