Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed designs leak

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed designs leak

Leaker Shrimp ApplePro, who tweets as @VNchocoTaco and was the first to disclose the iPhone 14 Pro and apple iphone 14 pro max new front design, is back with full schematics for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed designs leak

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is rumoured to sports pill and hole cuts instead of a notch, with the pill being 7.15mm in width and the pinhole measuring 5.59mm in diameter, according to today’s leak. According to the accompanying photos, there will be a gap between the pill and hole cuts. For reference, the notch on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 26.83mm wide.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed designs leak

Furthermore, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to have thinner 1.95mm bezels than the iphone 13 pro Max’s 2.42mm bezels, resulting in a higher screen-to-body ratio.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed

The iphone 14 pro max camera dimensions are predicted to be 160.71mm in height, 78.53mm in width (with the side button), and 12.16mm in depth (including the camera bump). The camera bump, which has reportedly risen in thickness from 3.60mm to 4.18mm, is responsible for the increased depth.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed designs leak

The new 48MP main sensor, which will replace the 12MP camera, appears to have thickened the hump. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that the camera will be 25 to 35 % larger than the 12MP camera, with a 5 to 10% increase in the height of the 7P lens. According to the leaked pictures, a gap will exist between the pill-shaped cutout and the punch-hole cutout that will replace the notch on next iPhone models to house the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors.

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 camera specs leaked

It will have a 1/1.3 inches sensor with smaller 1.22m pixels, according to a recent leak from a Weibo account named Fishing 8, which does not have a track record. The primary sensor of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a smaller 1/1.65-inch sensor with bigger 1.9m pixels. When appropriate, such as at night, Apple iphone will most likely use a technology called pixel binning to merge data from several pixels.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed designs leak

According to the leaked schematics, Apple reduced the size of the notch last year by integrating the flood illuminator and dot protector into one device and shifting the earpiece speaker to the top bezel. This year, the business may lower the earpiece speaker’s height from 1.52mm to 0.57mm.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max detailed designs leak

the iphone 14 pro max is believed to keep its predecessor’s 6.7-inch screen size, while the iphone 14 pro will feature a 6.1-inch screen. Both versions are expected to be powered by a new 4nm A16 Pro CPU, which could make them far speedier than today’s finest phones. The usual models are unlikely to vary significantly. The iphone 14 pro max release date is expected to debut in September.

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