[Story of Design] One UI 4 Design Innovation 

Samsung Electronics created the One UI 4 brand identity as a seamless mobile experience that can work with any device or storey. The interface’s delicate yet adaptable features allow users to freely express their uniqueness while also giving tools to make daily living more easy and safe. One UI 4 lifts the user’s lifestyle to a new level in every scenario owing to its extensive capabilities. Samsung Newsroom spoke with Samsung’s UX design team to learn more about One UI 4‘s user-centred design methodology.

The style that is both simple and streamlined

When extraneous elements are eliminated from view, it is simpler to focus on what matters most. The visual hierarchy of One UI 4 directs your focus to the most important items on each page in a single glance.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

Colors and text are arranged in One UI 4 so that users may interpret information naturally. One UI 4 provides a simpler and more coherent visual experience by streamlining the colour scheme and altering text size and thickness.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

The new Samsung UI also organises data into a system of simplified, up-to-date cards, allowing for quick comprehension of facts and numbers. Users can now easily browse around their smartphone to get anything they need, whenever they need it, by reducing visual distractions and classifying data into layers.

Usage that is safe, comfortable, and secure

As people spend more time on smart gadgets, there are more considerations to make, such as security and health. One UI 4 recognises the significance of individuals utilising smart devices to be secure and comfortable at all times and in any location, without worry or hassle. It’s normal for people to be concerned about their personal information being exposed via their smart gadgets. One UI 4 provides a number of features that safeguard users by upholding strong security and privacy standards.

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[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

Every element was scrutinised to ensure that people could utilise their smart gadgets in any situation. Visual strain is reduced to the tiniest detail in dark mode. In addition, a consistent visual style has been implemented to allow pleasant usability even in the event of a power outage.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

We attempted to find an acceptable amount of darkness to improve visual comfort without sacrificing the aesthetics and distinguishing qualities of each app icon. As a consequence, we chose the current darkness level, which tones down the entire app icon colour organically and consistently, eliminates glare from white space, and maintains visual harmony between home screen items.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

You-Centred Self-Expression

Smart gadgets have evolved into a tool for expressing one’s feelings and personality for today’s consumers. One UI 4 broadens the variety of options and customizability to suit each user’s individual lifestyle and preferences.

Users may express their uniqueness and taste to the utmost by customising their devices with multiple wallpapers and changing the visual theme of each device using the Color Palette option.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

One UI 4 makes personalization and self-expression easier and more pleasant than ever before. Users may now blend two emojis into one or unveil their virtual personalities with AR Emoji. From smartphones to smartwatches, One UI 4 enhances the user experience by providing additional ways for people to personalise their devices. Users may, for example, tailor their wristwatch to meet their lifestyle by choosing from a variety of watch faces, or they can remain up to date by using updated widgets. There are many possibilities to personalise One UI 4 no matter how a user interacts with it.

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[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

When it came to envisioning the message we wanted the Galaxy Z to transmit through its foldable construction, we were inspired by the art of paper folding. We thought the Galaxy Z Fold’s attributes were reflected by the variety, strength, continuity, and expandability of this form of art. The Galaxy Z Flip was developed in a similar manner, but we distinguished the two by emphasising the latter’s more trendy and original product image.

The colour palette is a feature that combines Android 12 Material You – Dynamic Color on One UI with the colour palette. To support Google and other programmes, it employs five colours derived from several backgrounds.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

We worked with designers to figure out the best way to extract colour from an image while investigating colour palettes. We came up with an ideal colour extraction approach that analyses the original image, separates it into colour groups, and then creates a prototype that identifies the extracted colour distribution.

Emojis for complicated emotions like ‘sad-laugh’ and ‘laughing but not laughing’ have never been seen before. User interviews verified the necessity for these complicated feelings. As a result, the Emoji Pair was created.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

Because forcing the user to generate emoji combinations is unfeasible, we chose to investigate the scenario of merging emojis with similar emotions without opposition when the initial notion was ambivalent. As a result, the concept’s scope has grown beyond ambivalence to include more complicated emotions.

We worked on widening the gamut of the Expressive face type when the Galaxy Watch 4 was unveiled. By adding characters of various types to the watch face, such as a vegetable character for a healthy diet or a bear figure for difficulties, we completed a three-dimensional lineup.

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[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

To create uniformity amongst the watch faces, the design system was developed by researching the types and styles of Indexes, Hands, and Sub Dials seen on genuine analogue watches. To harmonise with the Galaxy Watchband, the colour of the strap and its surrounds was chosen as the primary colour, and the remaining colours were picked using the international colour system.

[Story Of Design] One Ui 4 Design Innovation 

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