Qualcomm has launched the AR developer Snapdragon Spaces.

Snapdragon Spaces ™ XR Developer Platform is a virtual world (AR) development kit proven to allow the development of immersive experiences that blur the barriers between our real and virtual realities. Snapdragon Spaces delivers the means to bring developer ideas to life and change the possibilities of AR with good technology and an open, horizontal, cross-device platform and community. Snapdragon Spaces is now in early access with a restricted group of developers and will be accessible to the general public in the summer of 2022.

Snapdragon Spaces ™ XR Developer

Documented Innovation and Technology


Qualcomm Technology is a leader in augmented reality, having spent more than a year researching and developing the technology. Snapdragon Spaces delivers powerful, performance-optimized, low-power machines vision technology for the next generation of AR glasses, based on years of invention and knowledge. Its Snapdragon Surroundings platform provides developers with environmental and user learning capabilities, allowing them to build dynamic augmented reality experiences capable of intelligently observing and engaging with the user, as well as adapting to the user’s physical interior spaces. Understanding the marquee environment includes spatial mapping and meshing, among other things. diffraction, identification of planes, object and image processing and tracking, local anchorages and durability, and picture comprehension Position tracking and manual tracking are two aspects of user comprehension of the machine.

Snapdragon Spaces ™ XR Developer


Open Platform and Ecosystem for Cross-Device Use

Snapdragon Spaces is focused on reducing the developer’s development and marketing complexity. This platform uses a direct-to-consumer strategy, allowing developers to create immersive AR glasses apps and distribute them to end users via existing smartphone digital distribution channels all over the world. Snapdragon Spaces supports SDKs for major 3D engines, like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, allowing designers to develop adventures using conventional 3D tools and workflows like Unreal’s real-time 3D creation tool for lifelike visual effects and an immersive experience. The Lightship developer platform from Niantic Inc. was unveiled in the week. Snapdragon Spaces will be integrated to let developers to construct planets augmented reality experiences. The Cargo vessel platform will broaden the platform’s appeal to include outdoor use cases, encouraging users to get outside, communicate, and play with others in real time via multiplayer capabilities.

Snapdragon Spaces ™ XR Developer


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AR Platform Designed for Developers

Snapdragon Spaces enables developers to create 3D AR glasses programmes from the ground up or simply add damaged AR capability to current Android smartphone apps, resulting in a seamless multi-screen interaction between the 2D smartphone screen and the actual world. Designers will also get access to a comprehensive resource collection that includes information, code samples, tutorials, knowledge bases, and tools to help them get started faster. Felix and Paul Studios, holo | one, Overlay, Scope AR, TRIPP, Tiny Rebel Games, NZXR, forwardgame, Resolution Games, and Trigger Global are among the early adopters of Snapdragon Spaces.

The Explorer Snapdragon Spaces ™ initiative was launched today, with the goal of assisting AR innovators by providing quick access to platform technology, project financing, co-marketing and promotion, and Hardware Development Kits to help build an active group of Snapdragon Spaces developers. Developers interesting in the initiative may learn more and apply by visiting the Snapdragon Spaces product website.


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