New Qubit Teleportation Network Achieve Quantum Internet

New Qubit Teleportation Network Achieve Quantum Internet

Researchers have devised a novel teleportation-based, multi-nodal network to accommodate future quantum internet applications that will enable intra- and even extra-planetary communications. The study found that when the quantum network is completely realised, it may provide instantaneous speeds while securely and privately “teleporting” information between nodes. Right now, have a look at the details listed below!

Researchers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands described a novel teleportation-based qubit-transferring system that operates across non-neighbouring nodes in a quantum network in a recent issue of Nature. This is seen as the initial step toward the creation of a quantum internet that will allow humanity to create multi-planetary internet networks.

 new quantum teleportation network

New Qubit Teleportation Network Achieve Quantum Internet

The study makes use of quantum physics’ entanglement characteristic, which links two qubits together to operate as one. This means that any modifications made to one of the linked qubits will be reproduced to the other, regardless of distance issues. This permits data to be transported from one node to another without having to physically move the data-holding substance. It’s analogous to “teleporting” data from one location to another.

New Qubit Teleportation Network Achieve Quantum Internet

Although two qubits of entanglement had previously been accomplished, the current discovery has increased the maximum number of qubits for the entanglement process from two to three. Now, this may appear to be a little shift, but the new discovery allows for multi-lateral communication rather than simply bilateral communication. This might allow powerful quantum computers in distant parts of the world to interact with each other in real-time.

New Qubit Teleportation Network Achieve Quantum Internet

“With further improvements, for example, by integrating multi-pulse memory decoupling sequences into the entanglement generation, demonstration of deterministic qubit teleportation (with no pre-shared entangled state) may come within reach,” according to the research paper, “which opens the door to exploring applications that call the teleportation routine multiple times.” Furthermore, future studies will concentrate on enhancing phase stability and expanding current techniques for application in deployed fibre.”

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New Qubit Teleportation Network Achieve Quantum Internet

The recent results, according to the researchers, might pave the way for future quantum networks as well as teleportation-based multi-node protocols and quantum applications. The researchers’ in-depth study on Nature may be found at the following link. Also, let us know what you think in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more great stories like this.


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