Meet Samsung G∙NUSMAS Newest Virtual Avatar

Meet Samsung G∙NUSMAS Newest Virtual Avatar

It was rumoured that Samsung could release G-NUSMAS, a new virtual assistant, over a month ago. Today, however, Samsung formally announced that it had developed G-NUSMAS, a little blue extraterrestrial with big, beady eyes.

Samsung revealed various behind-the-scenes events, such as how the G-NUSMAS concept originated as a joke. And the joke isn’t meant as a dig, but it’s been used by individuals anytime the business releases novel and distinctive items that: Samsung must have employed an alien entity to design and create its cutting-edge technology.

Meet Samsung G∙NUSMAS Newest Virtual Avatar

Samsung introduced G-NUSMAS as “behind the doors of Samsung headquarters resides an employee from a planet far, far away and unlike our own,” carrying on with the joke being made by people. This strange creature ended up working at Samsung as a top-secret engineer through a sequence of unexplained circumstances.

G’NUSMAS is assisting the business in creating cutting-edge technologies that encourage inventiveness and give people control. It was developed to appeal to younger generations, particularly those in the Millennial and Generation Z (MZ) consumer groups.

What happened: G-NUSMAS?

In addition to being a reference to the address of the company’s headquarters, 129 Suwon in South Korea, spelt backwards, Samsung stated that it had spelt the name G-NUSMAS, the home planet of Novus-129 that is 100 million light-years from Earth, backward.

Meet Samsung G∙NUSMAS Newest Virtual Avatar

What comes next?

The business intends to broadcast a number of brief movies detailing the history of G-NUSMAS, beginning with its birth and unintended arrival on Earth, in order to market G-NUSMAS.

Samsung’s new virtual character sings, dances, and engages with a range of Samsung gadgets, from dancing on a smartphone screen to bouncing about on a display.

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The Korean tech giant will formally debut G-NUSMAS at IFA 2022 on September 2nd, along with its narrative via social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Interaction with it will be possible through digital, metaverse, and social media channels.

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