Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z Flip pull out display

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z Flip pull out display

Samsung patents foldable and extensible smartphone models on a regular basis. Some are based on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable smartphones that are already available, while others feature an entirely distinct design. LetsGoDigital previously reported about Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold multi-foldable smartphone, and a Galaxy model with a fold-out display was also rumoured lately.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z Flip pull out display

Samsung Electronics is looking at the possibility of making the Galaxy Z Flip extensible as well as foldable this time. This results in a display that is twice as large, allowing for a variety of new user possibilities.

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip & Slide

Samsung Electronics filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in September 2021. On March 10, 2022, an 80-page paper named “Multi-folding electronic device” was released.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z Flip pull out display

A foldable phone with a horizontal folding line, similar to the Galaxy Z Flip clamshell versions, is described in the lengthy documentation. The phone is as tiny and compact as the current Z Flip 3 at its most compact. The patented variant, on the other hand, is not only folding but also expandable.

By drawing out the gadget, the user may enlarge the display area by 100%. It gets yanked out from the device’s underbelly. The additional display surface is kept in the upper half of the housing, which also houses the cameras. This gives enough room in the lowest half for a battery to be installed. Furthermore, the frame stays intact at the top and bottom, ensuring that the gadget functions efficiently.

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The phone is twice as long when completely unfurled as the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It is also possible to fold the display elements in such a manner that the user gets an upright and a landscape screen on both sides, thanks to the unusual structure. The two Z Flip gadgets are then pitted against each other. The magnetic attraction between the two upright display portions is strong.

Consider a game of Battleship, where you are not able to view the screen of your opponent. Samsung also included virtual gaming buttons, including a D-pad, so the gadget may be used in a variety of ways.

Samsung’s foldable phone

It’s also feasible to just take the gadget out, rather than unfold it. This is especially handy if you want to use your phone when it is folded. As seen in the top patent figure, a little amount of extra screen surface becomes accessible as a form of front display in this situation. Unlike the preceding Galaxy Z Flip variants, the smartphone does not feature a separate front screen.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z Flip pull out display

In terms of cameras, the paperwork mentions a selfie camera with a punch-hole. In addition, as the description indicates, additional cameras are installed on the rear. According to the patent photos, it appears to have a dual camera, which is also the case with the brand’s existing clamshell devices.

The curve in which the screen is kept is also noteworthy. It’s a razor-sharp fold. Samsung Display revealed in November 2021 that it was working on new Flex OLED screens with a relatively modest 1.4R curvature. It’s feasible that similar displays will work with the patented gadget as well.

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Unfortunately, there is no word on if or when Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Flip Slide smartphone. The first multi-foldable phone models are unlikely to be released for some years. Meanwhile, we’ll most likely be looking forward to August 2022, when the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are due. Samsung may potentially unveil its first pull-out smartphone this year, as Samsung Display has already exhibited.

official documentation: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Slide smartphone


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