Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone, features a flip display

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone

Samsung has mastered the foldable phone. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a clamshell model, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 folds out like a book in the third generation Galaxy Z smartphones. Meanwhile, a growing number of companies are joining the foldable industry. Consider the Huawei P50 Pocket, Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, Oppo Find N, and Honor Magic V, to name a few. The Pixel Notepad is also expected to be released this year, followed by a foldable iPhone Flip in 2023.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone

Samsung has no intention of relinquishing its leadership position in the near future. According to a recent industry estimate from research firm Gartner, foldable smartphone sales are anticipated to continue to climb substantially in the coming years.

Samsung will be encouraged to produce even more diverse sorts of phone models with a flexible display as sales continue to rise. Samsung Display, for example, has previously demonstrated many prototypes, including a Galaxy Z Slide smartphone that can be pulled out and a double-folding smartphone.

Meanwhile, the South Korean company patents new form factors on a regular basis. LetsGoDigital, for example, reported last month on a multi-foldable Samsung smartphone. This time it’s a Samsung phone with a partly foldable screen.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone

To bring this unique smartphone design to life, graphic designer Jermaine Smit, aka Concept Creator, created a series of product mockups for LetsGoDigital based on Samsung Electronics’ patent.

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone features a flip-out display

It is about a patent that Samsung Electronics submitted with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in mid-2021. On January 20, 2022, the 66-page paperwork titled “Electronics device with flexible display” was certified and published.

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Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone

The gadget has a form factor that is comparable to that of a typical mobile phone in its most compact configuration. The display at the upper left, however, is distinctive in that it continues to the back. When you flip the phone over, you’ll see that the screen reaches all the way to the vertical camera system.

It is not, however, a standard dual-display phone, as several manufacturers have done in the past. Because this innovative Samsung smartphone features a flexible screen, it is possible to combine the regular screen surface on the back with the screen surface on the front. The gadget unfolds into a mirror image of a P-shape.

A clever hinge has been put into the side of the frame, underneath the folding screen, to make this feasible. If the user accidentally bends the screen too much, the hinge is engineered to not shatter easily. The screen is also given with UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass), as we know from the current Galaxy Z line of smartphones, according to the patent papers.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone

Device Comprising Flexible Display

The Flip display is held in place by three magnets to prevent it from pulling loose from the rear. Very useful; otherwise, if you bring the item with you and unintentionally fold it open, you risk damaging it. The user may easily peel the screen away from the back panel, bringing the display surface from the back to the front.

The user maintains a good grasp on the smartphone since the lower half of the device remains the same, independent of the position of the screen. Sensors may be used to assess how the mobile device is used, and the interface can then be modified automatically.

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For example, the extra screen space may be used to produce a wide display, which is beneficial for viewing movies or capturing ultra-wide angle images. The operation can then be displayed on the lower display. The controls can also be simply relocated to the left if needed. The material can then be shown throughout the whole length of the right-hand display component in this situation.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone

A picture-in-picture scenario is also mentioned in the documentation. When you fully unfold the phone screen, the picture-in-picture is instantly shown on the extra screen section, allowing you to see both photographs in their entirety. This feature is also useful when making a video call.

There are a variety of scenarios in which an extremely big screen surface is desirable. The concept is similarly similar to the LG Wing. However, with that invention, two screens were put one behind the other, with the intention of rotating them into a T-shape. Samsung’s approach appears to be at least as adaptable and long-term. In addition, even in its smallest size, the gadget is exceedingly slender.

Samsung patents a unique Galaxy Z series smartphone

The additional screen element will be situated at the back in its most compact form. This results in a dual-display phone, with the back screen serving as a viewfinder for high-resolution selfies taken with the primary camera. The cutout on the screen allows the screen to be neatly recessed. A front camera is also included in the trademarked Samsung Galaxy phone. The patent photos and product renderings show a centrally located punch-hole selfie camera, similar to the Galaxy S22 series, which was just released. It’s conceivable, though, that Samsung may employ an under-display camera, as it did with the Z Fold 3.

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official documentation: Samsung Galaxy smartphone with flip display.

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